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When You Close One Door, Don't Open Another - Stand There, Another Door Will Open

Chandra Alexander

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How many times have we heard, “When one door closes another door opens"? We understand this to mean that two things are happening at once-we have our hand on the door that is closing and at the same moment we are reaching forward to open a new door. As we attempt to corral a piece of the future that is not yet ready to happen, we feel the loss of control.

We are convinced that the only way for things to move forward is to push, to knock open that door. Our self-conscious effort creates a lot of movement but, ultimately, does not take us where we want to be. As we become more anxious, we actually end up pushing away from us what we most want. The universe interprets our fear as lack and refuses to reflect back to us the life we so desperately want.

When one door closes and another door is not yet open, we need to keep our hands at our sides and rest in the gap.

The gap initially appears as a void but that is only because we have nothing to hold on to. In reality, the space between the two doors is where creation happens. This is the place where all the essential ingredients are measured and mixed, where the real magic happens. A potent brew is in the works and to rush the process is to interfere in the majesty of its wholeness. A steady, quiet vigilance is what's called for, the discipline to wait, watch, and wonder.

This does not mean we are lazy or unprepared. On the contrary, we have done our homework. Now is the time to say, “I have done all I can do. Let it rip!" To realize that we are responsible for all the ingredients but not the outcome is very powerful. We are left to deal with the stuff we do best-doing what we love-and the universe is left with the creation of the form for doing it. If we can get out of the way long enough to allow this process to unfold, we are delighted beyond our wildest imaginings. The universe delivers a panorama that encompasses it all; possibilities we never even knew existed.

To experience the intelligence of this process is a double whammy! We get a life greater than anything we could have imagined, and we get to live it now! Rather than plan and fret about a life that has not yet happened, we end up smack dab in the middle of one that is juicy and full of promise. When we wait for another door to open, we are letting the universe know we trust it and from that trust, we get what we truly need.

Chapter 23 from Reality Works Copyright © 2002 Chandra Alexander

Chandra Alexander, MSW, has been living and teaching authenticity for the last thirty years. Selected by The Oprah Magazine as the Life Coach to deliver twelve coaching sessions to the grand prize winner of their Toyota Moving Forward contest, she also spent five years on NBC/TV/Daytime giving a weekly “Reality Check. " Her blog, is a real find for any true seeker on the path to authenticity. Along with a private practice in Tampa, FL, she coaches clients all over the world in the areas of relationships, work and consciousness. To learn more about her books and CDs, visit her website at

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