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10 Things You Must Find Out From Your Man Before Saying Yes to His Marriage Proposal


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So, it has finally happened; your man has gotten down on his knee, slid the ring of your dreams on your finger, and asked you to stay with him for the rest of your life. Now what? Well, before you go running into the sunset happily ever after, there are ten things you must find out about your potential husband before you say yes. In order to save yourself some heartache you need to find out how your fiance feels about these very important issues:

1. How does he feel about starting a family, and when he will be ready to start one. Find out if he is the type of man that will jump in and give you a hand with the kids or will he be too busy watching sports or the work that he will bring home.

2. Where does he see the two of you in five to ten years? By this I mean does his vision of your future together match what you would like to see happen.

3. Where does he see you living in the next five to ten years? Does he see you living in the same place, doing the same thing, or does he see you moving to another part of the country and doing something completely different for his career.

4. Does he like his job or chosen career path or does he see instability ahead in his career? Many men don't like to talk about how they feel about their job, but if they are unhappy there now then you can bet that they might have problems later on.

5. Does he like to travel, and if so, does he want to travel to the same destinations you want to see?

6. Is his expectation that you will stay home with the children or does he want you to keep working, and both of you will manage the kids perhaps through the help of a nanny.

7. How is his credit report and is he financially stable enough to support a family? You have to be careful how you ask this question because a lot of men may simply think that you are sizing them up for something sinister.

8. How does he feel about a lot of your likes and interests? This may seem trivial when you're just dating, but if you're planning on spending a lifetime together this may become an important issue.

9. Does he like your family and do you get along with his? You may think that it is okay that your families do not get along now, but the stress of family dysfunction if unchecked can really get to your relationship over time.

10. What does he ultimately want/expect out of life and how does that fit into with what you want?

A lot of couples end up in divorce court as a result of not doing their homework before getting married. By asking these very important questions at least you get beyond the exterior of your fiance and get deeper into how he will live with as your husband.

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