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Creating a Good Custody Agreement In Vermont

Tracy Bensun

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It is important for you to create a custody agreement if you are divorced or separated and have children. Each state has its own guidelines for how to make a custody agreement so you need to know how your state outlines the making of a custody agreement. If you live in Vermont, you need to understand their statutes for custody agreements. Let's take a look at Vermont's guidelines for making a custody agreement.

You can find guidelines in Title 15 of the Vermont Statutes, which is the Domestic Relations section of law. In this section, custody laws can be found in Chapter 11-665. Those custody laws have information regarding how to make a custody agreement that is in your children's best interests, what types of custody agreements will be accepted in Vermont court and some state rules specific to your custody agreement.

First, if you are in a Vermont court for a custody hearing, the court will make an order concerning parental responsibilities and rights to the children. This is an order that usually derives from the custody agreement the parents submit. Your custody agreement is the document that shows how parental rights and responsibilities to the children will be shared or divided between parents.

Vermont does not have specific requirements for what goes into your agreement, so you must look objectively look at your situation and make an agreement that works best for your children. Your custody agreement should have:

  • A parenting time schedule – This shows how children will spend physical time with their parents,

  • Information about legal custody – This is how parents will make decisions for the children,

  • Information about expenses – Outside of child support, this is information about the children's expenses,

  • Provisions – This should detail how parents resolve disputes, how changes will be made to the agreement, etc. ,

  • Parental communication – These are stipulations that determine how parents communicate and share information about their children.

If you feel like there needs to be more information added to make your agreement work better, feel free to add it. As much as possible, work with the other parent to make the best agreement for your children. Vermont will approve any agreement it believes has the children's best interests in it, so make a custody agreement for your children and not just for you.

You can make a great Vermont custody agreement and build and maintain good relationships with your children. Do your best to create a custody agreement that reflects your children's best interests.


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Joint Custody Laws-What You Must Know For a Successful Child Custody Dispute
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