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Creating a Custody Schedule in Wyoming

Tracy Bensun

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It is important to create an effective custody schedule if you have separated or divorced from your partner and you have children. Having a custody schedule will help you know how time will be spent with your children. As you probably know, each state has its own laws and rules for child custody and visitation. Let's take a look at what it takes to create a child custody schedule in the state of Wyoming.

These guidelines can be found in Chapter 2 of Title 20 in the Wyoming Statutes, which details information on child visitation and custody laws. There you will find what needs to be included in a Wyoming child custody schedule. The main components of this state-specific custody schedule are:

  1. A residential or everyday schedule - This schedule outlines where your children will spend every week and weekend day.

    This is also known as the repeating cycle of custody.

  2. A holiday schedule - This details what holidays are celebrated and with which parent the children spend each holiday.
  3. A schedule for school breaks and vacations - This is a schedule that includes information about each school break and vacation the children have.
  4. Birthdays and other special occasions - For one-time events, special occasions and birthdays, there should be a specific schedule. Where the children spend these events or occasions and with whom should be determined.
  5. Parenting provisions - Provisions or extra rules about how you and the other parent will implement the schedule, how changes will be made to the schedule if needed and others should be included to make the custody schedule most effective.

It is important to keep a journal or record of the time you spend with your children so you can make sure the schedule is working to its best capacity. Having a record of activities and actual time spent will help you determine if changes need to be made if the schedule really benefits everyone involved.

If you live in Wyoming and need to create a child custody schedule , use the above example to guide you through it.

Each state has different rules for child visitation and custody and you need to know what the rules of your state are so you can make the best custody schedule possible. Be an excellent parent no matter where you live. Be sure to follow your state's laws and guidelines so your custody hearings will run smoothly and you are in compliance with what they ask.

Take care of your children in Wyoming with a Wyoming custody schedule .


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