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Making a 50/50 Custody Schedule

Tracy Bensun

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If you have been awarded joint custody with your partner, you may want to consider using a 50/50 child custody schedule. This type of schedule is beneficial in dividing time equally with your children. There are many examples of 50/50 child custody schedules that make shared parenting work better. The most common examples include:

  • 3-3-4-4 Split Schedule.

    This 50/50 schedule allows each parent to care for the children for three days and then four days respectively. This is quite a bit of changing but is good if parents live near each other and if the children adapt well to change.

  • 2-2-5-5 Split Schedule.

    This 50/50 schedule allow each parent to care for the children for two days and then five days respectively. Like the 3-3-4-4 schedule, this schedule requires a lot of changing back and forth and is good for children who handle change well and whose parents live close to each other.

  • Alternating Weeks Split Schedule. This 50/50 schedule allows each parent to care for the children by alternating weeks. This is more stable and consistent for the children and works well if parents live close to one another.
  • Splitting Weeks In Half Split Schedule.

    This 50/50 schedule allows parents to split each week equally in half. This requires a lot of moving and changing around and works well if the parent's homes are close to each other. This may work well if each parent wants to attend the children's events and activities.

  • Sharing Summer and Holidays Split Schedule. This schedule splits school breaks, vacations and holidays equally between parents. Summer time or school breaks can adopt an alternating days or weeks schedule.

    Parents may add a larger block of time for vacations with their children in addition to the regular split schedule. Holidays can be split equally in many different ways. They can be shared all together, alternated every holiday or every year or divided equally so the children spend time with each parent on every holiday.

Creating a 50/50 child custody schedule is an excellent way to share parenting time and responsibilities equally and make shared parenting life more simple. Using a 50/50 custody schedule is fair and equal when joint custody is awarded. These types of custody schedules work well for many parents who share custody of their children.


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