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What You Need to Know About Child Custody Rights


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We have witnessed a great number of couples, worldwide divorcing after a short marriage. This can be rather normal, especially if the couple rushed into marriage, or other factors have influenced more than they expected. But things can change if a child is involved - whenever a couple decides a divorce is needed, and if the child is still under 18 then a court has to decide who will be the guardian of the child. Lots of care is required in this matter, as it is a very sensible and delicate one. Many parents make the mistake of simply taking the child, and showing the court why they may be a better parent without taking into consideration the child's opinion - no mater how futile it may seem. The personal comfort of the child can be very important in situation such as these.

However, if the child does not have enough mental development to indeed know exactly what he wants, then you might need to discuss with an attorney about your rights and what it involves such a procedure. The Federal Law presents exactly five types of child custody laws, as it follows:

  • Legal custody - In many states, legal custody is shared between the parents most of the times. This type of custody involves the parent's right to decide on the child's education (schooling and such other activities) and medical care (any medical issues, including dental ones). If both parents share this custody and one of them takes any decision without the other one's agreement the other parent can easily enforce the law.
  • Physical custody - Even if some states agree that the best thing for the child is to spend half of the time with one of the parent and half of the time with the other, the physical custody law is not always enforced in this manner. Actually, this law allows the child to live with one of the parents after the divorce. The way it is settled later depends on different factors.
  • Sole custody - Through this law, only one parent has total rights on the child, while the other one only has visitation rights.
  • Joint custody - This type of custody is meant for parents what simply live separately.
  • Bird's nest custody - This law is one of the most interesting ones yet - it takes more care of the child's mental stability rather the comfort of the parents because it involves the child remaining at home, while the parents move in and out, depending on their schedule (half of the time one of the parent, half of the time the other parent)

If you intend to divorce and want to know more about what it will happen to your child, you may want to find out more about child custody rights or child custody laws. In order to learn more, you can simply follow this link:


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How to Choose A Child Custody Attorney For your Child Custody Dispute
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