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What is a Child Custody Evaluation? Tips to Help You Win Custody of Your Kids


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The purpose of a Child Custody Evaluation is to assess your individual and overall family factors that may potentially affect the best interests of the child. It is a tool that courts use to weigh your parenting ability with the needs of your kids. They look at your knowledge, skills, abilities (or lack of ) and most importantly how you interact with your child.

Basically it is a psychologists summary of you and your overall ability to be a good parent. Unless you are abusing your kids, it will rarely take your parenting rights completely away but it does have a lot of power to sway the courts to give or take away full or joint custody.

A couple of things to keep in mind when you are going through a child custody evaluation are:

  • Be yourself. It's ok to embellish a little but don't over do it. Typically the evaluator is a psychologist and they are usually pretty good at knowing when you are saying things just to look good or whether it comes from the heart. The more honest you are about your strengths and weaknesses, the more they will believe you. Don't forget that the custody evaluator is also looking at your values and being honest is a big one.

  • Document everything. Write in a daily journal or even offer your own custody plan that is child friendly and tailored to the needs of your kids.

  • Have all of your paper work well organized. Include school records (like report cards, notes from teachers, attendance records, etc. ) Doctors visits (like check-ups, colds, injuries, etc, )

  • Make sure that you keep track of your kids activities (keep a detailed, kid friendly calendar) like sports, ballet, etc and make sure you include activities or trips you do as a family. Make sure that you include everything from pick up/ drop off times to holidays and school vacations and if possible the amount of time that will be or was spent with the other parent.

    Basically you want to be able to show the court, not just tell them, why you are the best choice for custody of your kids. Try to focus on all of your positives and not the other parents negatives.

    For more tips on child custody evaluations and a free report with critical strategies that can help you win custody of your kids, please visit my website at

    I wish you and your kids all the best,

    Travis Scott

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