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How to Get My Wife Back Now The Secrets to Getting Your Wife Back


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You must realize one thing before you do anything.

While you wonder how to get your wife back or if it's even possible, . . . it is important to determine if there is even hope to getting her back.

The way to do that is understanding if there is love still existing between you and your wife or ex wife. The opposite of love is complete indifference. If your wife or ex wife shows anger, jealousy, or some sort of emotion towards your actions then there is hope and this could mean that she still cares about you. Sometimes emotions can be tough to translate but any emotion at all is good news for you.

This is vitally important to keep in mind, because the opposite of love is NOT hate, it is once again. . .

. .complete and utter indifference.

There are obviously things that were wrong with your marriage long before it came down to a divorce or separation. Maybe you're not even there yet but it's looking inevitable. The fact is that you still care for your wife and want her back, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this searching for a way to get back together and mend the damage.

I've seen countless marriages end in divorce and usually it was very nasty. The old saying “everything ends badly otherwise it wouldn't end" has some truth to it. There are particular things that you've done wrong which led up to the reasons why your marriage is in trouble or has already ended.

Now don't worry, because I'm not going to stand on a soap box preaching to you and pointing fingers. . . You wouldn't hear a thing I said anyway even if the advice I gave you would solve world hunger. How do I get my wife back? That's what you care about right?

First of all, there is some important advice and opening moves that I will give you in one moment, but I would like to point out that I am not a psychologist, nor a therapist, or any other kind of “-ist. " I'm just a common Joe that has found some incredible “magic" from an author of some very unorthodox methods. They work their magic almost immediately and I was convinced by seeing the real proof in my own marriage and the magic that this worked for me.

There is some key magic tricks to start the groundwork for getting your wife back. First of all if you're going through a divorce or separation you need to agree with her. Yes, that's correct. You might believe this is crazy but you need to give your wife her space. Give her time to miss you.

More importantly stop doing all the wrong things that will drive your wife further away from you!

During a divorce or separation we men do stupid things such as harassing her with insisting phone calls, texting, emails, . . . whatever it may be that your trying to communicate with her. All the pleading begging and arguing is not helping your case at all. Stop all communication for now, and give her the space she needs and then you develop your opening move to get your wife back. Give her some time to miss you.

How do I get my wife back?

Give her time to see you are O. K!

Let her have some space to herself and you will see that the lack of contact by you will start to play a psychological magic trick. Your wife will have the needed time to miss you and then she will begin to see that you are fine without her.

This plays on some magic tricks that T. W. Jackson outlines in his book I've read. Now this is important because I want you to understand that the advice I've read in his book is not a magic product that gives you super natural powers to control your wife's mind and make her fall in love with you hopelessly head over heels again. That is completely irrational.

Find out your opening moves, . . . your game plan, . . . your strategies, and what you're doing wrong. Remember, the opposite of love is indifference. NOT hate. Stop communication, start giving her some space, and begin the work to get your wife back.

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