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Child Custody - Child Custody For Dads


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The issue of child custody rights for Dads have always been an issue. The child's well being is always considered above all. The judgment of child custody usually depends how traditional the judge is. Many people feel that the child should be with the mother on an every day basis if they are very young. However, no matter which ruling is stated, it is still believed that the father should be apart of the child's life.

There are certain circumstances when the father is not responsible enough for sole custody or joint custody. Visitation rights are then enforced. In order for the father to be awarded custody, the court must see that he has a safe home where the child can stay. If the mother is well fit then typically joint custody is awarded. When the mother and father can work together, they can come to an agreement about when the child will be with each parent. The father is usually the one the child goes with every other weekend while the mother keeps the child the rest of the time.

If the child primarily lives with the mother, even if the father has joint custody, then the father is responsible for child support. Usually, even if the mother makes more money than the father, the father is still responsible to take care of the child financially. The court will base the child support on the father's income. There are often times when the mother does not want the father to be granted child custody rights. When the father is the reason for the divorce, this is usually the issue. However, if the courts cannot find a reason that the father should not be granted joint custody, or visitation rights, then the ruling will be granted in the fathers favor.

Countries all over the world have started Father's Rights Movements. There are multiple laws enforced in each country that support father's rights for child custody. It varies from country to country, but overall the laws are the same. Several countries do not have as many laws enforced for fathers like the US has. In 2006, Australia made the law that fathers should be allowed to have joint custody. Obviously, fathers have not been highly thought of when it comes to their children's lives. Hopefully, with the support of the court, fathers all over the world can gain the respect that many of them deserve.

Dave Huffman has custody of his 3 children. He has a child custody information blog at


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