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Shopping With the Wife


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Men, sooner or later you will have to go on a shopping trip with your woman; it's inevitable.

It's a myth that women enjoy shopping more than men. Shopping with your lady can be fun depending on what you are buying. My wife wants to plant various flowers and build a rock garden. We spent the early evening hours evaluating different piles of rocks. There were mounds of big rocks and mounds of little rocks. Shopping for rocks and plants was a relaxing trip for both of us so it was enjoyable.

The people who create myths and urban legends have it wrong about men and shopping. We enjoy shopping as long as it's something we are interested in. Men typically enjoy selecting a new car, computer equipment or even rock piles while women enjoy shopping for makeup, purses and shoes.

Men and women shop differently.

If a man needs a new shirt, he will drive to any random store that sells shirts. He will proceed to enter the store, find the shirt and then buy the shirt. The entire process can be completed in 5 steps or less.

When a woman needs a shirt she may call her mother or a friend for assistance because women shop in herds.

Women also have a unique shopping language. They may refer to a shirt as either a blouse, pullover or a top.

Men never refer to a shirt as a blouse, pullover or a top. To us, it's just a shirt.

Eventually, the herd may settle down at a café for lunch or coffee because shopping can be exhausting.

If there is no shirt at store A, the herd will migrate onto stores B and C. If there isn't a prize at any of the stores, the shirt adventure is continued on another day. This is because a woman can easily shop for days without buying anything. Men don't understand this concept.

If a man shops for 3 or 4 hours, he has to buy something because his time is valuable. If a man doesn't find a shirt, he will improvise by treating himself to a nice pair of shorts or sunglasses because he refuses to leave empty-handed.

Although the man didn't find a shirt, it was still a successful trip because he knows he would have eventually needed sunglasses and shorts.

When it comes to shopping trips, men buy, women shop.

William Greene has made a career of working in with the public. He has over 10 years in working in Human Resources. On a daily basis, he works with people of different nationalities and education levels. He operates a social dating website titled He also posts thoughts on dating, relationships and social issues on his blog


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