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Is Marriage Still IN in the 21st Century

Regina Mincey

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"These days marriage seems more like dating with all the laws of annulment and even how easy it is to get a divorce. Today's society does not take marriage as serious as our grandparents and great-grandparents did. As I look at older couples in our churches and communities their marriages last longer than our generation's. Most of the time marriage is not even considered in relationships, and it is funny because even in the church you have people who do not desire marriage. Most young single women see the results of other married couples and say, ‘no way, I would rather be married to the Lord’. "
-excerpts from “Let Not Man Put Asunder - Marriage is a Ministry"

Written by Regina Mincey

In the fast pace society we live in today, has the institution of marriage changed? Does the word “family" mean the same as it did thirty or forty years ago? US Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics show that children living in single-parent homes have increased from 9.4 % to almost 30% from 1960 to 2005. Sure times have changed and we have made tremendous improvements over the past couple of decades and overcome many obstacles that seemed unattainable back then, but has this shift caused us to lose our focus on family. We have entered into a new era where women are stepping up into the spot light and accomplishing as much as and some times even more than men. Has this caused women not to desire the once sought after “man of her dreams" or has the commitment level declined because of other reasons.

I have spoken with many married couples as well as singles and there is definitely a fear of commitment in the air. The results of “bad marriages" have plagued the 21st century and couples are now saying “we have a different type of marriage, a marriage that doesn't involve a document declaring it". Then there is the “common law marriage" where if you stay together for a certain amount of time than you are considered married. The problem with these different approaches to marriage is that they require no true commitment.

So is Marriage still “IN" in the 21st Century? Of course it is, Marriage was the first ministry instituted in the beginning by God and it will continue to over rule these alternatives to traditional marriage. God's way of doing things will always prevail in every arena of life. Though some couples have chosen not to take advantage of the favor that marriage brings there is a remnant that still desires to take the next step in their relationship and obtain the favor given to them by God. All it takes is two people coming together uniting as one; willing to serve, respect, and love one another. It is still possible to be married for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, til death do you part!

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