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How to Save a Marriage 5 Tips to Prevent Divorce


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No matter how long you have been married, most relationships will go through some type of trial and tribulation. Even the best of marriages have had some amount of turmoil at some point. If you are not happy with the state of your relationship and think your situation needs some help, follow these five tips below for how to save a marriage.

1. Make time for each other. No matter how much is going on in each of you lives, you need to spend time together. It can seem difficult to accomplish this with hours spent at work, children needing attention, household chores, and other outside obligations, but you need to spend time with your spouse. Even if you are only able to “find" fifteen minutes, spend those fifteen minutes alone to connect with your spouse to find out about his or her day, anything special happening, or just to cuddle together. Time spent together is need to keep the connection alive.

2. Communicate with each other. Talking about anything from the most mundane to the most serious of topics is necessary for a good marriage, so keep the lines of communication open. Share your problems, hopes and dreams, funny stories or anything else that comes to mind.

3. When an argument or disagreement erupts, take control of your emotions. Stay calm and do not overreact. Be in control of your behavior to take charge of the situation at hand. You are the only one who can do anything about your behavior so make a decision to no let things get out of hand.

4. Even when things do not seem to be going so well, try to keep a positive attitude. Being negative about everything is not going to help your situation at all. If you decide everything is awful, then it will be awful. If you decide there are some good things in your relationship, be positive about those good things and focus on those qualities.

5. Do not criticize or nag. I am sure that you can agree that whenever someone criticizes or nags you, it does not exactly make you feel like jumping for joy. Your spouse is the same way. Nagging day and night about doing a chore will not make your spouse want to complete the task. It will only produce the exact opposite results. Also, criticism for all of your spouse's faults will not change anything either. Compliments will work much better and by focusing on the positive qualities, you will make your partner much more receptive to wanting to change their behavior.

Of course, there are many more tips you can use than are mentioned here to work on making your marriage better. Keeping relationships alive and healthy take work. Try using some of these tips for how to save a marriage as a beginning point to having the relationship you desire. If you feel your situation is much more serious to benefit from the above suggestions, please realize that there is still hope to save a marriage.

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