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Why Marriages Fail Lack of Commitment May Be to Blame


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With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce, it causes a person to wonder why marriages fail. There are several causes but one reason is from lack of commitment in one or both spouses. With it being so easy to get a divorce, many couples feel that it is easier to just end the relationship instead of trying to save the marriage.

Let's face it. Marriage does take an effort to continue growing the relationship. It is like a beautiful plant you fell in love with at a nursery. When you decided you wanted the plant, you made a commitment to bring the plant home, love and nurture it to help it grow to it's full potential. But what happens when you start to slide in the care of the plant and do not bother to water it or provide the necessary environment it needs? The plant fails to thrive and eventually will wither and die.

Marriage is like that plant in that you need to nurture the relationship with your spouse. Your other half needs your love and attention in order for the both of you to flourish. When that has been removed, the situation worsens and the marriage withers and dies.

The vows you made to each other on your wedding day were a commitment to each other . On that special day, it is probable that neither one of you thought you would break your vows. But when problems arise, it can sometimes seem easier to just not even try anymore. However, if you want to save your marriage, you need to remember your vows and stay committed to each other and your relationship.

Remember your vows “for better or worse, " and work through your issues together. Stay committed to each other and find out what needs to be done to save your marriage. If your marriage is suffering from problems, also keep in mind there is help available and you can salvage your relationship.

Don't let your marriage slip from your grasp. . . Learn how to resolve your damaging conflicts and rebuild the lost love to save your marriage today. You can get started saving your marriage in the next 10 minutes. Go to now to help save your marriage and stop divorce.


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