How Religion Can Destroy a Marriage


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Religion is a touchy subject. For some people, religion doesn't and shouldn't matter-it's just one of those things you cling to for comfort. For others, religion defines who they are. People throughout history have died for their beliefs.

That's why if you're thinking about marrying someone, you shouldn't dismiss religion or spirituality as a non-factor. What your spouse believes will affect you, your marriage, and any children you have. That's why you need to ask pre marriage questions about your partner's religious and spiritual beliefs.

Suppose a Catholic woman marries a Jewish man. At first their religious differences don't matter, at least not until children enter the picture. Perhaps the mother wants them to be exposed to both religions, but what if the father insists that his children be raised as Jews?

Let's say a man without any particular beliefs of his own marries a Christian. Suppose his wife belongs to a strict Christian denomination, one that teaches that anyone who doesn't share the same faith will burn in hell? Suppose their children are taught that Daddy is going to burn in hell because he doesn't go to church like Mommy does?

Be honest with yourself when it comes to your own religious beliefs, or lack thereof. If your religious differences don't matter to you now, consider whether it will in the future. What if you have children? Will that change how you feel about your spouse and your own religion? These are also questions you need to ask your partner before you say “I do. "

If both partners are open-minded and respectful of each other's beliefs, a marriage between them can work. If both of them are willing to let their children explore both parents’ religions and decide for themselves what they want to be, this can be a happy union.

One of the biggest reasons why marriages fail is that couples don't learn enough about each other. They don't ask pre marriage questions that reveal how compatible they are. Michael Webb's Questions for Couples will help in this regard. For more relationship advice, visit Questions Before Marriage .


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