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10 Good Things to Say to Your Wife

Duncan Kelly

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We all know that there are certain things you should never say to your wife, but what about the things that you should be saying to your wife? It's easy to say the wrong thing, but with a bit of thought, we can say the right thing and reap the rewards thereof.

So here are 10 things you can say to your wife that will get your share price up!

1. I love you. (OK, if you don't, then remember that love is not a feeling, but a decision. Make the decision and say the words! After all, you made the decision when you got married. )

2. Yes my love, I'll fix it right now.

3. Choose a bodily feature that you have always liked, and compliment her on it. For example, “Your eyes are really beautiful. " Look for some new things you can compliment her on too.

4. When she does something right, like make a nice supper, tell her “This is really, really good! You're a star!"

5. When you find her talking to a younger woman that you don't know, ask her “Were you in school with that lady? Not? Oh, you looked about the same age. . "

6. When she's got a nice perfume on, tell her “You smell like heaven!"

7. You are my best friend.

8. I'm going to do the dishes for you; no arguments.

9. I'm taking you out for coffee and muffins.

10. I'm going to clean my garage out today. (It may take a week or three, but the mere mention of this task will get you into the pound seats with your wife. )

Apparently, according to wives, when the husband works in the garage and fixes up the house, this is extremely pleasing to the female species, and causes them to nurture amorous feelings towards their spouses. In other words guys, it gives your wife the hots for you.

A happy wife is a creative wife, a good cook, and a good friend. It is really worth our while to make our wives happy. It takes quite a bit of hard work, and generosity, and humility. But it pays off.

Hopefully these 10 tips will help. Remember to keep them honest and genuine. Wives sometimes know us better than we know ourselves, so don't try and bluff your way into her heart!

May your marriage be fun!
Duncan Kelly

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Duncan Kelly


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