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How to Save a Marriage Seven Powerful Ways to Help Save Your Marriage


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There are many things that cause problems in a marriage and usually it is a combination of these problems that cause a marriage to end. Here are seven ways to help end those problems and help you save your marriage.

1. Talk to your spouse. Communication suffers when a marriage is in trouble. Many times you are just so angry that you don't want to talk. You cannot hope to save your relationship if you cannot communicate. Sit down and talk about what is going on.

2. Change the tone of your language. Many times when problems exist, marriage partners will develop a pattern of speaking to each other that is less than ideal. It may be that you throw in negative remarks, or it may be short, hateful answers to questions. If you wouldn't talk to your mother the way you are talking to your spouse, then you need to change the tone you are using.

3. Control your anger. It doesn't matter what the trouble is or how upset you are, you must control your anger. If you allow your anger to take control of you, you will end up saying and doing things that you will regret. Think before you speak.

4. Say I forgive you. It is not good enough just to say the words you must mean it. If you truly want to save your marriage you must forgive and forget. That does not mean you condone whatever has happened , it means you are willing to give your spouse a second chance.

5. Say you are sorry. If you are the one that needs to apologize tell your spouse that you are sorry. It takes a big person to admit they are wrong, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Be that big person.

6. Be realistic. No one is perfect, not you or your spouse. You will have disagreements and different opinions. You are two different people, differences are expected. Remember this and don't expect your spouse to see things the same way you do.

7. Show love. It is always nice to hear the words “I love you", but love in action has a much stronger impact. Do something nice for your spouse to show that you love them. If you want more love, show more love.

Changing your actions and attitude can have a powerful effect on your spouse and can help you to save your marriage . You will probably stumble and fall in your efforts, but if you keep trying, in the end, your marriage will be stronger. Visit for more tips and advice and be sure to download 101 Tips for a Long Lasting, Happy Marriage.


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3 Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage - Save Your Marriage and Make it Exciting Again
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