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Why Marriages Fail


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There was a time when marriages used to last a lifetime. Not any more, the number of marriages failing is increasing year after year in our society. With divorces becoming order of the day, researchers have tried to pin down the exact reasons why marriages are failing.

And they have found some common traits that increase the chances of a marriage going bad. The list below summarizes the top reasons, why marriages fail.

* Lack of respect - Everyone needs respect. This is true in a marriage as well. Respecting your spouse and their decisions always makes them feel appreciated.

* Lack of time - Everyone is hard pressed for time these days and this can take a big toll in a married life. Due to lack of time we do not catch up with the spouse as often as we should and they start feeling neglected.

* Lack of Physical Intimacy - This is a big red flag for the survival of a marriage. Lack of intimacy and passion can ruin a marriage very quickly.

* Lack of Communication - Lack of clear communication is another culprit that can turn your marriage bad. Due to lack of straight talk we are often unaware of what's happening in each other's life.

* Lack of honesty - Secrets and lies have no place in a marriage. They can take a severe form when discovered and hasten the separation.

* Lack of fun - A marriage without any fun is as good as dead. In fact many men and women say that they got separated because their life became too predictable, dull, boring and, monotonous.

* Lack of trust and sharing - Lack of trust and sharing pushes the husband and wife away from each other and can be often be a deciding factor in a separation. A couple who do not trust each other cannot stay together for long as trust is one of the most important pillars of a successful marriage.

* Attitude problems - Marriages also break due to attitude problems of one or both the spouses. This includes attitudes such as - always having to be right, always having to have the final word, not admitting mistakes, nitpicking, being annoying, not walking the talk, hurtful teasing, being selfish or greedy, and much more!

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Unfortunately, some Marriages are Destined to end in Divorce
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