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The live band or DJ that you choose to entertain at your wedding can either enhance your wedding or put a damper on the festivities. It is important to choose a live band or DJ who is capable of ensuring that the guests in attendance are having a great time. A great live band or DJ is able to sense the mood of the crowd and adapt to meet their mood and vibe in order to keep the party moving.

The first thing to consider is whether you want a live band or a DJ to perform at your wedding. There are a couple of things to consider when deciding between a live band or a DJ. The first thing is price. A DJ is likely to cost considerably less than a live band. A DJ is usually just one person or possibly two people while a band usually consists of an average of about five performers. Right there is where you typically see a rise in cost because the fee you see in bands is usually split between quite a few people and therefore higher than the fee for one or two DJs.

Most caterers also require a final count for the number of guest in the week preceding your wedding. If all of your guests have not yet responded to your invitation, you might want to consider calling them instead of assuming that they will not be coming to the wedding. These phone calls can save you the embarrassment of not being prepared for additional guests. Having a confirmed response from all of your invited guests will ensure that you give the caterer an accurate number of guests.

Now is also the time to confirm the final details with all of your service providers such as your photographer, florist, DJ or band and transportation provider. It’s important to confirm details such as times and expectations to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that you will have all of the services that you are expecting at your wedding. You might also want to make arrangements to pay your balances with each of these providers if you have previously only left a deposit. While you may be hesitant to provide payment in full before the service is rendered and most of these services providers don’t require you to do so, you could make arrangements to leave the balance with a responsible friend or family member who will ensure that they are all paid on the wedding day. Many of these agencies will only accept cash or certified checks so you will have to provide the balance in either of these forms in individual envelopes to your trusted friend.

In choosing a live band or DJ it is imperative that you ensure that your contract specifies the exact names of those who will be performing at your wedding. This is usually not a problem with a live band because they usually have the same members present at all of their performances. DJs on the other hand are a different story. Many DJs become so popular that they are unable to perform at all of their committed parties. In this case a DJ may offer your party to another DJ for a small finder’s fee. In other words the DJ may essential sell the right to perform at your party to another local DJ. Additionally a very popular DJ may also have a number of younger, less experienced DJs that sometimes work for him. If you suspect that this is the case, it is important to make sure that your contract specifies exactly who will be performing at your wedding.

Finally, while there are many details that require your attention in the final week before your wedding it is also important to take some time for yourself and do something that you consider relaxing. Whether you go to a spa to get a massage or spend an evening at the movies, it’s important to take some time to just relax before your wedding day to ensure that you are not completely frazzled by the time your wedding day arrives.

Although you may be certain that you wish to hire a particular band or DJ but try to interview at least three to five potential candidates before making your final decision just for comparison. You may find you feel more comfortable with a service provider or that there is another band or DJ that suits your needs better than your previously preferred candidate. Finally, once you make your decision make sure you obtain a detailed contract that specifies all of the details of your wedding as well as all of your expectations.

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Planning the Perfect Wedding - At a Discount!
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