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The Dream Honeymoon

I bet you're excited about your approaching honeymoon plans. This special time is full of romance, adventure and intimacy. It's a good idea to give hints to your partner about your dream honeymoon ideas. When they fulfill those wishes, it's all the more exciting. Anticipating a surprise is better than just a surprise. You can be discreet when suggesting hints. Perhaps you could tell a close friend or relative to spread the word.

Jenny always wanted to swim under a waterfall in the sunset on her honeymoon. She told her bride's mother about her little secret over lunch. Jay, her bride, insisted on a budget honeymoon in the states. The day arrived for them to depart in their car. Oddly, Jay took the airport entrance ramp downtown surprising Jenny. The whole honeymoon seemed a surprise from the start. One evening while walking through the jungle, the two came across a waterfall. Jenny awed in shock. The sun rested over the horizon. Jenny’s mother had told Jay about the little secret.

Brad married Cloe in the summertime. They planned on traveling to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. An unfortunate event caused Brad to not deliver the wedding ring at the ceremony. They used a ring from a toy machine at the grocery store. Cloe understood how the jewelry store accidentally switched orders. She got over her sadness with a little charm from Brad. One day, while scuba diving in the Bahamas, the two swam across a reef. Brad suddenly fidgeted in a panicky stir while pointing at something. Cloe quickly maneuvered to see the commotion. A beautiful platinum ring sat gently on part of the reed. She smiled almost loosing her regulator. They swam to the surface with a school of barracuda following the shiny ring.

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