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Wedding "Adds wings to your dreams"

Raja Babu

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The topic certainly would make people sceptical, as the present generation youths who go around, across the city, states and countries in search of realizing their goals find it very hard to accommodate with the marital bliss. But this fixation of the new age youth, is nothing less of 100% assumptive. The following passage draws verticals between the notion and reality on the impact of wedding in one’s life.

The bond of Yin and Yang: Admittedly alone we rise, which is an exhibition of individual excellence, and it is more like carrying one’s own kit bag while racing on a sprint track. However, it only slows you down with the burden on your shoulder. What if, there’s someone standing off the track, waiting for you to win, cheering you for your progress, sharing your burden and giving you the energy booster at the times of distress. Hence, who wouldn't like to have someone to give solace at the moment of bother or come up with elixirs to aid rejuvenation in times of physical and mental disproportion? Reasons enough to say you need the marital partner for enjoy the best moments of life.

Together we soar: The life of a lone ranger will become monotonously boring and ridiculously tiring at one point of time. It may have an interesting start, the experience of enjoying the joys of freedom, and the liberty of being unaccountable to anyone. But as the years move on the life gets burdened. A loner may have many friends, relatives and acquaintances, but each of them has their own lives to care for, they have their own problems to address. So you can only be sobriquet in their lives. This reality struck very badly when you are totally unaware, and takes you down off guard. During that time you would be severely stressed for having made wrong choices on life and regarding the necessity of a life partner. Nevertheless, it is always better late than never; today scores of matrimony portals are offering wide range of meticulously customized profiles that suit every need and every interest of bride/ groom searchers. These sites have wide opened the windows of possibilities so as not only the early birds but also the lazy birds can also soar high in the limitless sky with life partner.

When it is you two, there’s no stop: Would we like to go for a holiday in the most picturesque place on earth, alone?No one will, even in the hastiest of dreams. Because, as a philosopher said, man is a social animal, who like to be in the company of each other. His statement hold good, but only in halves. As today, having a mere company to while out time will not come in the longer run. Most of the relationships and friendship endure only if there is a scope for sharing some common interests. Many a time the meetings and socializing hours with friends and relatives always have been issue basis, say we meet friends for a get together or we share a smile and dine with relatives during a family function and festival. What we get to know from these instances are there is no room for interdependence in these forms of relationships. Only a blissful marriage can create the bond that celebrates interdependence, which makes each of the life partners to relay on one another to meet social, economic and physiological ends. Matrimonial relationship is a unique bonding that instigates being related is base of a healthy relationship. It gives a couple the hopes that together they can tread the wonderful journey called life.


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