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Sacrifice and Salvation a marriage of sorts

Raja Babu

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Christianity-the word by itself has the preamble of Jesus Christ. Those who follow the preaching of Jesus the Christ are called Christians and the religious faith is known as Christianity. This wide world has witnessed the rise and fall of many cultures, religions, lifestyle during the historically recorded years or the pre-historic period. Some religions emerged from eternity, some incepted from the tip of a sword, some from the verses of saints. But only Christianity flowered out of a sacrifice. The sacrifice of the “Selfless Son of the God” on the cross of Golgotha to atone the sins of mankind harbingered the beginning of the religion of love. His sacrifice on cross didn’t go vain as the 12 apostles of Jesus spread his preaching to various parts of the world.

The Apostles were Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, and Bartholomew, Thomas- the one who visited India, James, Simon, Thaddeus Judas, and Judas Iscariot. The spreading the message of love was never been an easy task for apostles, but they confidently ventured to every corner of the world with the chronicles of Judea and the sacrifice of the son of God on the cross. In true sense the ambassadors of peace faced most fierce appositions, threat and some even laid their lives, while spreading the promise of God to everyone. The message, to turn towards the God and repent for sins, then one will be solemnized and the soul will reach Paradise-the Kingdom of God. A numerous legends revolve around the sufferings, agony and ecstasy of the apostles. But still, it is their faith in Jesus and their witness of his crucifixion and resurrection kept the light burning and that pure flame of love enshrining the world even today. No wonder, today Christianity is the world's numerous religions, with about 2.1 billion followers worldwide.

The spread of Christianity for many centuries also witnessed the schisms of the prime faith. Many sub sects branched out with various governing ideologies, each sub-sect took after the saint who propagated the respective sect of refinement. The 5 most prominent denominations are Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant and there’s Martin Luther’s-Lutherans

Christianity is one of the predominant religions in India with over 25 million followers, which is as huge as the combined population of Australia and New Zealand. Catholic, Syrian, Pentecost, Born-Again, Orthodox, CSI, Evangelical, Christian Nadar are the important denominations found in the South India. Many lifestyle and cultural aspects revolve around the religions and have unique feature for occasions like betrothal, marriage, and family reunion etc. Like many other aspects of a Christian’s life matrimony also deserve a special mention. Depending upon the denomination, the Christians matrimony varies from a grand gala event to a simple wedding ceremony. But all the marriages are conducted by the church priest at church in the presence of almighty father witnessed by Bride/ Grooms family, relatives and friends. The best practices of Christian matrimony take after the biblical verses and preaching of Jesus. Until the advent of online matrimony it was actually a tight rope walking task to find the best match for marriageable Christians in one’s own denomination, the church mass and Sunday gathering were the usual places to Christians to socialize among themselves and share the family needs / requirements most importantly bringing together the eligible bride and groom.

The growing prominence of online matrimonial websites rendering the most technologically advanced, safe and convenient life partner search, reassured by the integration of advanced technologies like e-mail, sms and mobile for more personalized approach. In addition to the scope for immediate response and guarantee for privacy enforced, finding the best life partner is ‘easily’ possible. So what stops a marriageable person from getting a free or paid membership with any of online matrimony portals for find the suitable match right away?


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