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Finding a beautiful 2nd hand wedding dress


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What law says you have to get a brand new, $10000 wedding dress to look stunning? Thats correct, you heard me you don't have to spend thousands on a dress that you are just going to wear once! Just by shelling out a few hundreds dollars you can give off the same amazing vibe. How, you ask? The answer is truly simple and all you really have to do is buy a second hand wedding dress. Such an inexpensive dress will allow you to save a truck load of cash while still being able to drop a few jaws and bring about plenty of oooo's and ahhhhh's.

How to Get a Good Second Hand Wedding Dress.

Option 1: Ask Mom
For those of you that are short on time or money you can choose to get your dress from your mother or your husbands mother, a great option that is going to be wonderful. Its more than likely that either of these parties are going to have their personal wedding gown that is just lying there in their cupboards. In most cases your mother will be more than happy for you to wear their wedding gown so just have a little talk with them to see how they feel about it.

Throw in some flattering words - could I have the honor, would you allow me, can I have the privilege, etc. - and theres little chance you'll be turned down.

Option 2: Rent
A rented dress is a used dress; Therefore it is another option to get a secondhand dress for cheap. This is a wonderful option for those of you out there that really are wanting to get a wedding dress that is modern in terms of design. Get it, wear it, return it, done.
Option 3: Antique Stores
Not all antiques stores have wedding dresses displayed up in the window.

More than likely you are going to have to go inside and ask to see if they have any available. More than like the wedding dress you are going to find in antique stores is going to be large and white in fashion. Then again, if a modern look is more your taste, stick with renting.

Option 4: Second Hand Stores
This really has to be the most obvious of places that you can look. You should take the time here and find out if the local second hand shops in your area have any to suit your tastes. Take the time to figure out and thoroughly inspect every part of the dresses that you do find to see if they are any good for you.

Option 5: Costume & Drama Departments
This is a great option and you should check out any and every costume store or drama departments of schools to see if they have anything that could suit your purposes. It groom wedding speech really is possible that you are going to find a wonderful dress underneath all the junk that usually decorates these places.
IMPORTANT: The dress you get doesn't have to be perfect.

Why not? Because with the money that you will have saved will be more than enough to get anything you want fixed on the dress.


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Wedding Dresses For Less How to Score a Stylish Yet Cheap Wedding Dress
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