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How To Ensure You Choose The Ideal Engagement Ring

Pauly Smith

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You have found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with and you are about to make the ultimate in romantic gestures, but how do you go about ensuring that she is going to absolutely love the engagement ring that you have bought for her?

The good news is that if you know her well enough to know that you want to marry her, you probably already have a great idea about what jewellery she likes, you just need to have complete confidence and conviction in your choices.

Choosing the right engagement ring can often intimidate men, when it comes to choosing jewellery they can often get away with asking the women in their lives for a little direction, even if it does subtly as she is walking past a jewellery shop. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring however, it needs to remain a complete surprise, so don’t try and find out what engagement rings she likes by asking her in any way, she may well catch on and that would ruin the surprise completely.

Do however listen to what she says when you are out and about. All women are naturally drawn to jewellery shop windows and she will often just start pointing out what she likes and doesn’t like whilst window shopping. You’ll already be regretting the fact that you didn’t listen to her all those times in the past, but if you’re in no rush to pop the question and have time to plan, make sure your routes in future pass as many jewellery shops as possible.

A good tip is to also look at the jewellery that she is already wearing. She is wearing that jewellery because she likes it, so make a note of whether she prefers gold or white gold, maybe she is a platinum girl, maybe all the jewellery she owns is silver. Take a note of the colours of any stones in the jewellery and whether she wears anything that has fancy detail or whether they are all plain and simple in design. The worst thing you could do is buy her something big and fancy if everything she currently is clean and simple.

Finally it is not a bad idea to enlist help from somebody that she knows really well, maybe her best friend or her mother might be a good idea depending on who she is close too. Ensure that whoever you do decide to go to for help is capable of keeping a secret and won’t blurt it out to her at the first opportunity, this is paramount otherwise all your hard work of keeping that romantic proposal moment a secret could be ruined. It can however really pay dividends to have somebody else subtly question her about what she likes or doesn’t like whilst passing the jewellery shops windows as she will be less suspicious of them asking about engagement rings in passing conversation than she would if you did.

Finally take your time, make sure that the ring you buy is one that you have absolute confidence in and know 100% she will love.

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