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Color Symbolism In Your Wedding Stationary

Michelle Anne Leah Custodio

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Colors mean different things to different peoples and cultures. Especially during weddings, colors on the wedding stationary will symbolize the feelings and the mood that the couple would like to have during the celebration of their wedding because colors definitely symbolize different things. It would matter more and mean differently when the couple chooses to adhere to strict tradition, religious practices and cultural symbolism because various meanings are accorded to colors.

For reference, here are some colors that are popularly used on wedding stationary sets. The symbolisms are also included below and the couple can either believe on them and follow only those that symbolizes good vibes, or they can also just choose based on how the color would look like once applied on all the wedding elements, such as the wedding stationary.


As always, a white wedding card projects cleanliness and purity. It also reflects fresh beginnings. Symbolisms: reverence, peace, humility, good, marriage, precision, innocence.


Red is often used in a wedding card, especially those with Oriental or Chinese themes. Red is a very strong color and draws attention as it increases enthusiasm, action, confidence and energy. Symbolisms: excitement, passionate, desire, speed, strength.


Green is generally associated with nature as it is the color of leaves and most plants. This color is almost always seen as cool, tranquil and refreshing. Symbolisms: healthy, good luck, renewal, fertility, misfortune, generosity, spring, youth.


Yellow stands for optimism, brightness, enlightenment, happiness, positive energy and creative thoughts. Golden yellow reflects a promise of a beautiful future. Symbolisms: imagination, summer, sunshine, philosophy, hope.


Different shades of blue can also have different meanings. But generally, blue connotes peace and serenity. On the other hand, metallic or dynamic blue can become dramatic or dynamic. Other symbolisms: depression, appetite suppressant, sky, water, technology, order, loyalty, harmony, unity, trust, truth.


Gold signifies richness and elegance. This is normally used to give beautiful accents to the wedding card. Or if used as the main color theme, gold is usually appropriate for royalty and high-society weddings.


As this color is a combination of red and blue, this has mystic qualities and royal characteristics that may connote upliftment and spirituality. Symbolisms: nobility, wisdom, ceremony, transformation.


As brown is the color of the earth, it symbolizes stability and reliability. It is also said to promote a sense of orderliness and wholesome feeling. Symbolisms: outdoors, comfort, simplicity, endurance.

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