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With the hustle and bustle of picking out the right dress, cake, and flowers, the honeymoon often gets only passing consideration. Most people pick out a nice vacation spot, make reservations, and give the trip little more thought. But the time you spend together on your honeymoon is the first time you will spend together as husband and wife, and deserves a little more thought.

In earlier customs, a newly married couple spent time alone together to be certain they could survive the strain. Today, most divorces are filed after family vacations – after a couple spends time alone together (or together with their children). As an engaged couple, you probably can’t imagine disliking your spouse, but statistics show that many people wind up feeling that way. Why not take the necessary steps to make sure your marriage starts off on the right foot? Thirty minutes of discussion can ensure a smoother honeymoon.

The first thing you want to discuss is what you both plan to do while together. Frankly, when most people think of a honeymoon, they think of sex. But if you have one person who was planning to spend the trip cuddling and another who planned to go snorkeling, you will have a tense trip indeed. As newlyweds, you will most likely spend more time in bed than you would on a traditional family vacation. The question is, do you plan to stay in your room 24/7, or interact with the world?

Once you have decided on activities, you can look at locations. If you both intend to spend your time inside your room, you might consider springing for a luxury suite with full-scale room service and a dining room downstairs. At the same time, you wouldn’t need to be in a resort location, which would balance the cost.

On the other hand, if you both want to spend some time in a room and sometime exploring your locale, then you need to decide where, precisely, you want to go. Do you want to visit an ocean location, a place in the mountains, or a site that has emotional ties for you both? Picking your location can give you an idea of what other activities – scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding – you have to choose from.

You should also take mealtime into consideration. My husband and I chose a place with a full kitchen – stove, microwave, and fridge – and only one restaurant within an hour’s drive. This turned out to be a serious mistake. There was also only one grocery store, a mom ‘n pop type place, within an hour’s drive, and it came with a poor selection. I hadn’t realized that when my fiancée said we were going to the middle of nowhere, he meant it. I would have preferred to eat dinner out each night and save my experiments in cooking for our first few days at home. But cooking may be a dream for you. If so, make sure that you can get the supplies you need within a reasonable location. And, as mentioned before, if you want to spend most of your time in the hotel room, choose a place with an attached dining room and/or room service.

You may have a limited budget to work with, or someone may have already selected the destination for your honeymoon. The important thing is that you sit down with your spouse-to-be and communicate what expectations you each have. The last thing you want is to fight over what to do on your honeymoon. Although you may enjoy getting a head start on the making up!

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