5 Special Ways to Present Wedding Favors to Your Guests


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With the wide variety of unique wedding favors on the market there’s no question that any bride will be able to find a wedding favor suitable for her wedding needs. From beach wedding favors to seeded wedding favors the possibilities are endless. Let’s suppose that you have found the perfect wedding favor for your guests—the next step is to determine how you will present these favors to your guests.

The first approach to deciding on how you will present your wedding favors is to consider the theme of your wedding. Secondly, you should take into account the type of favor you are going to present. Thirdly, you must take into consideration the number of guests you are expecting to attend your wedding. All of these factors will influence your decision on the way in which your guests will receive your token of appreciation. Here are 5 special ways that you might consider when presenting your guests with a wedding favor.

Place setting
This option is probably the most common and practical way to share wedding favors with your guests. It simply includes placing a favor at each guest’s place setting. This method serves as a two-fold alternative because the wedding favors can serve as a decorative addition to your reception.

Chair back
This method can be used if you are using decorative chair covers. The key is to attach the wedding favor to back of the chair with a bow or some other material of your choice. This will add a nice decorative touch to your reception.

Usher/Hostess Greeting
You can appoint an usher or hostess to stand at the entrance of your reception and personally hand out your wedding favors. Asking the designee to quote a special “thank you" message from the bride and groom would make it even more personal.

Bride/Groom Greeting
Depending on how many guests are attending, the bride and groom can personally greet each guest during the reception. This can be accomplished by visiting each table and handing out personalized wedding favors. This would be the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation. Your guests are sure to love this approach!

The bride and groom can designate an usher or a hostess to distribute a wedding favor to each guest as they are seated. Your guests are sure to feel appreciated as they receive their token before the ceremony begins.

Just as there are hundreds of wedding favors on the market, there are also many ways to present them to your guests. Keep in mind that the way in which you present your wedding favors is dependent upon the theme of your wedding, the type of wedding favor that you choose, and the number guests that will be attending. Try to make your presentation simple and practical, but special and memorable as well.

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