Why Today's Society Actively Encourages the Cheating Spouse


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There are many theories behind how you control your sex drive and what forces people away from monogamous relationships but one clear fact as we know it is that today’s ever evolving society is a breeding ground for the cheating spouse.

Scientists characterize a monogamous relationship as a breeding pair who share the same nest in a common territory but most importantly ‘have frequent contact’. It has been clearly noted that monogamous males are involved in parental care, spend there energy ensuring the safety and security of their family and reject intrusion into the ‘nest’. Those who enjoy a greater freedom in life and roam a wider territory are more likely to cheat on their spouse than someone who enjoys the confines of an all encompassing and close relationship.

The most monogamous animals are birds with over 90% of species pairing up with exclusive rights and joint parental care. Not all scientists are in agreement but evidence suggests that birds show far more commitment to their partners and family than humans with very few opting to relinquish their duties as husband, father and family provider.

What is interesting to note, and a fact that can then be associated with our continually changing society, is that monogamy (in females) rarely occurs when the female is left to roam through a larger territory with free access to other males rejecting the confines of a solitary environment. It is then easy to see that animals as well as humans are susceptible to cheating on their spouse when it comes to an opportunity, as they see it, being handed to them on a plate.

When studying nature and combining it with what we are now seeing within society its then more easy to understand that society as we now know it is developing in such a way as to actively encourage both cheating men and cheating wives to seek *** relationships outside of the marital bed. The ever increasing number of cheating spouses has a distinct link to the life we now live.

The freedom that we have in our modern world with the general practice of partners enjoying different activities and generally doing their own thing in much of their spare time acts as a catalyst for cheating spouses.

If you consider how easy infidelity can occur and understand why we are, in a way, channeling our relationships in such a way as to actively and openly encourage cheating we begin to understand and accept the theory that for a relationship to grow and flourish you have to spend quality time with your partner and not base a relationship around ships that pass in the night.

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