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Beach Weddings make you think of white sandy beaches and flower covered gazebos. For those brides who wish to break away from the traditional wedding and have a beach wedding, there is a surprisingly large range of alternative wedding venues. Here are some tips for planning a beach wedding. The most unique beach wedding reception ideas are sparked by imagination not tradition. Never mind etiquette, tradition and timelines. That information is outdated and stuffy. Do what will make you and your guests happy. It is a time for fun and celebration, not pomp and ceremony!

Decide if you want to marry in a romantic sunrise ceremony followed by a breakfast reception or an early afternoon wedding followed by a beach barbeque. Plan fun activities such as a sand castle building contest or a volleyball game. Also you could choose to get married at sunset. Followed by a wine and cheese reception and dancing.

The size of your guest list and your budget will also help to determine which path you take. Buffet or food station receptions lend themselves very well to informal beach weddings and are the most fun. They are also cheaper! You can easily coordinate this type of reception yourself and eliminate the added expense of a caterer.

For a formal afternoon wedding you will need to have a sit down affair. In this case Caterers will be necessary. The advantage being that the whole affair will be tended to without you lifting a finger for a price. In order to cut costs here, you will have to limit the menu and the guests.

Incase you have a large guest list and a limited budget, avoid marrying late in the afternoon. Guests will be hungry and expect the dinner reception. Instead, stick with a breakfast, brunch or cocktail reception.

While planning a beach wedding keep in mind the weather, best time to have a beach wedding. Do proper research take help from people who have had a beach wedding. You could also hire a professional. Try choosing a cove on the beach that is protected from direct winds.

Be sure to check with local authorities regarding any permits needed to use the beach. This should only be necessary if you are having a large gathering and you want to block off a portion of the beach exclusively for you and your guests.

Check on the Beach Rules. Make sure to ask the questions from the authority regarding decorations, whether you can play music at night, till how late can you stay, is there an area nearby for open fires, is it allowed to have a barbeque on the beach.

Speaking of food, don’t forget about the seagulls! They are notorious beggars and thieves. You can expect them to attend your beach wedding, uninvited! As long as you keep food covered and don't feed them, they will stay on the sidelines. So make sure there is proper security so that guests don’t fell unsafe.

Remember the tides. You definitely do not want to be surprised by the quick and unanticipated arrival of high tide!

On the beach, there will be bugs and other living creatures. So make sure you consider the comfort of your guests. Bring sunscreen and insect repellant for those who did not remember to bring their own.

Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful but nature does provide an element of uncertainty. Careful planning on your part will eliminate most of them.

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