Experience Awareness of this Particular Life and Get Glimpses of Others?

George Lockett

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You are dipping into the Akashic Records. These are holograms of all events that have taken place and are stored within the silence of your Core Being. Your awareness has started to awaken to this Inner Knowledge and you are able to watch and take part in these past events and lifetimes, just like on the Star Trek Holodeck.

You are a very special person and I feel it is your innocence to the experience, which makes it possible for you to have it. You are not trying, which would take you away from the experience as you connect to these more subtle levels of the mind by letting go, relaxing, releasing, and going deeper into the Silence within your consciousness.

"Are there some then that are fully aware of all aspects?"

Yes, Masters have understood who they are: the whole universe, with all life taking place within themselves. A good way to think of the universe is like a pebble on a beach. If you looked deeply into the pebble at the atomic structure, you would see all the electrons going around the nuclei: each atom like a solar system.

Time would be as if it takes a year for the electrons of the atom to make one revolution around the positive nucleus, radiating their energy, not unlike Earth going around the Sun. If your awareness is of the whole pebble, it is all happening within yourself at the same time.

You could say it takes millions of light years for the light from another nucleus or star to reach you but with the awareness of the whole pebble you know it is all happening in the now. The now does evolve as our consciousness grows and evolves and we become more self-aware of who and what we are.

"Can they all merge?"

I would say they are all merged already; it is our limited perception that gives us the illusion that they are all separate.

When we allow the mind and human consciousness to settle and become aware of their connection to Universal Consciousness and to merge with it, we see the connection point between the human, plant and animal kingdoms. We see the unity of life in all its forms and dimensions.

"Why am I not experiencing the lifetime when I was a speechwriter for Abraham Lincoln?"

Have you chosen to experience this? Have you pressed the right button to make the Holodeck play the tape? The power is within you and it is just a question of learning the right skills. This is a process of self-realization: no one else can do it for you.

"Is there something here in this particular aspect for me that is in no other?" You are your story, which is unique, and it is programmed into your DNA and on every level of your existence. Your mind and your awareness have the power to change your story.

It is also good to be true to your story and live your nature. If one looks at dogs for instance, if you want to catch a rabbit, you may choose to use a Greyhound, as it has the right story to do this. If you want to herd sheep, you may choose to use a Border Collie: they have the right story for the job.

The question is, what is your story? What have you been pre-programmed to do; what is within your nature? What are your life's purpose and your dharma? Only you know your nature and it comes from being innocent and being yourself, true to your nature.

"How does my soul partner relate to all this?"

Your soul partner is your opposite; you are half and they are half, like Yin and Yang; a particle and its antiparticle; male and female. When the two of you come together, you grow exponentially to become something more than the parts.

Like the particle and antiparticle, your coming together transforms you both from two particles into a wave of light. In humans, this union leads to the birth of the next generation and the continuation and mixing of stories or natures.

It is good to know of your connection to the whole, but it is also good to enjoy the human experience and live your life to the full. Your soul partner will help you experience the full range of your feelings and emotions; this is what living is all about.

Life is always changing; through change we can evolve and experience new aspects of our Self and our feelings and emotions, and experience a richer and more fulfilling life. Enjoy the journey!

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