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Love Just Happens Like That

Uday Patel

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If you read the romantic novel A Passionaate Gospel of True Love it all happen just like that. One fine day Maa Durga the Goddess announces that Moh will meet her true love when she goes to India the country of her birth. She is a fashion designer by profession and this happens when she is conducting her fashion show in Las Vegas in USA.

True to the announcement she meets Guarang and instantly realise that he is the destined one. The faithful journey of her romantic interlude begins. Amidst a mosaic of mythical interpretations, religious fervor and traditional hangovers love flourishes. They meet often in the Indian City of Chennai which is on the coast. The relationship in the initial stages is quite topsy turvy and there are frequent moments of disagreements. Nevertheless the affiar goes on as the relationship begins to take shape. Happy that they have met their true love both Guarang and Moh continue to share moments whenever they meet. In spite of being married they find justification in their realtionship which gets stronger day by day.

A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is not a simple story of affair between married adults it is bizarre but yet true a story of split halves. People do believe in ancient scriptures penned down in India after existence which is timeless. That is the story of Shiva and Parvati in a personification which is androgynous. The Ardhnareshwar mentioned in Vedic scriptures is one human comprising of half man and half woman. This is the Lord Shiva and Parvati!

Split halves in contemporary times are always true lover dedicated to each other throughout their celestial journey of many life and births. Hence the union of Moh & Gaurang is that of split halves eternally enjoined in romance. This whole interlude is esoteric in nature and engulfs the mind in the bizzare existence of humans in love.

A Passionaate Gospel of True love in a book intertwined deep in esoteric thoughts prevalent and practiced in India. The graceful and poignant Indian love story is a must read for those seeking the latest in romance genre.


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Sacred Love- Yoga and the Mystery of Real Life Love
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