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True Lovers are Split Halves

Uday Patel

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It is said that true lovers are designated as such by destiny. This may seem chimerical to those with scientific dispensation but there is some logic there. Whence you speak of true lovers you normally speak of intense compatibility or harmony between the couple in love. Among such people aspect of personality match and are compliant with each others thought and behavioral attributes and the going is nice. But is there something biological about split half phenomenon.

In the book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Poonam Uppal correlates the phenomena of true love between central characters Moh Lal Rai & Gaurang. In the narration she brings forth the topic of Ardhnarishwar as example to justify relationships lovers which are destined.

Lord Shiva is often designated as Ardhnarishwar half man and half women where the woman half is his consort Goddess Parvati. This has a biological reasoning since the division of human body was formed in order to procreate. The androgynous phenomena is portrayed not only in Hindu mythology but in Greek mythology as well indicated its widespread acceptance. This is how split halves are created and no other souls can be so dedicated to each other since there is greater biological compatibility and harmony. It is splitting one body that takes place in Ardhnariswar into two halves as said earlier for procreation.

In the book the author narrates that there cannot be a better association of love than that between split halves. Moh Lal Rai believes in the phenomena being extremely traditional and of religious proclivity. She believes her lover Guarang is her split half and hence pursues him assiduously in a quest to form a union of souls.

The book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is full of the esoteric and mystical narration being based in India. The country abounds in mythical logic and her past is an assimilation of myths from stories narrated in the scriptures. A passionate romantic narration in India is always complex. It is so because of the factors described above. Amidst the rich assemblage of myths and mystical lies the truth. Indian Author Poonam Uppal has written the novel with passion and aplomb.

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