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Love in Quandary is it?

Uday Patel

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Love has always been a preoccupying force especially among the young. But whence it happens among the adults it is equally confusing and carries with a sway of sinister and dubious repute. This malignity is furthered if those in love are already betrothed to someone else.

In A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Moh Lai Rai never ceases to remind herself that her husband Soorya and she is not made for each other. This usually happens after visitation by Goddess Durga as if she is stamping her relationship with Gaurang. Her new found love who is also betrothed is the one whom she considers as her true lover a soul mate and split half. After all the virtues allocated to Guarang the relationship is still not cemented or consummated.


The question is perplexing and riddled with guilt, until unless you believe in past life and your faith is unshakeable in religious injunctions. Moh Lai Rai’s faith in the Goddess is unshakeable and after the premonition in Las Vegas Fashion show she is convinced that Gaurang is her true lover destined and sanctified by the premonition that she had heard earlier.

The realization strikes again and again whenever she hears a premonition or experiences visitation by the Goddess. Yet consummation is missing. Is it the guilt overrides her faith or is it just circumstances that are keeping that apart? Perhaps the mystery could be better understood upon reading the romantic book.

Love is consummated whence there is infatuation or whence there are no strings attached. In a conservative Indian society this is unthinkable until unless you are courageous to break the rotting bonds and tie anew. True love should not equated with an extramarital affair which is just lust in action.

Well modern classics are created from esoteric experiences like the Author Poonam Uppal has narrated here. Human relationships are perplexing under any circumstances, and at time difficult to grasp the happenings. In these times modern romantic classics are popular. Old simple eternal love stories are slowly receding out of the reader’s desire. In the contemporary era, as lifestyle changes so does the thoughts and hence the relationships between humans.


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Love Instant Chemistry and Love at First Sight For Long Term Relationships
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