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How to find the key to happiness, romance and bliss in married life?

Uday Patel

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Married couples in modern world focus only on career, spouses are not giving each other enough time and everyone is in a race. Even the marriages are happening for wrong reasons. Some are for physical attraction some are for money. Many marriage are sprung out of lust, many marriages are happening without the blessing of our adults. Some are marrying to get fame from their popular spouse. I discovered bliss and happiness when in year 1997 I had embarked on a pathway hidden from human who is still in a state of amnesia. It was the pathway to the ancient world, the Golden age where everything had to be waited for, like the wait for the day for fragrance to spread. Once it spreads it gives you the most soothing feel and cures a lot of ailments. I had crossed the boundary to enter an unknown realm of true lovers, twin souls and split halves the the day I met the old ancient lover of mine. I stepped accidentally or probably not, perhaps everything was planned by the higher. The awareness came later when in 1997 at the city of Las Vegas during a Fashion and Trade show I got the broadcasting from the higher forces about my true love. Although I met my lover many times but it was my lover who realized we are true lovers from past. It is just a matter of time. It’s always one of the two lovers who realizes first and reminds the other lover. Sometime if the other is as spiritual as me he might take to heed otherwise people find it absurd and move on to never ending relationships.

Especially for me, it was such a contrived situation, from first day I was forced by my lover to realize and remember my past. He was adamant and serious, that “We were made for each other”. It was also because I was also searching for love as a child, as a little girl when exactly my search began, I cannot recall. But the search was there in my subconscious, I yearned for love and for someone special, my other half who would solely love me, we would be made only for each other like hand in glove. Just like the magic shoe of Cinderella that knew whom it belonged to it shrunk for everyone who tried it but when the Cinderella tried it just fitted. It was perfect for her since the prince was exclusively for Cinderella. It is the same way my split half could solely fit me, and I could only fit him. We were made to fit each other a very custom made couple made by God himself to fit each other or a designer couple.

Trust me the almighty God did make custom couples and all humans on this earth have their split halves that were just made for them. One never has to worry because your split half can’t run away from its other half. They have much higher pull than the pull of twins because they are not two but only one split into two, their need to unite is very strong. Only together they become “Ardhanareshwar” half woman half man like god Shiva and goddess Shakti. Who were the first couple to become Ardhanareshwar but we all are divided the same way in the mould of Shiva and Shakti?

Remember only true lovers can find the hidden path which is the doorway to heaven. When the true lovers, real split halves twin souls meet, they make “Ardhanareshwar”.

What I mean here by “real split halves” is the ones who only fit each other. In our modern world every woman finds a man, and every man finds a woman, and they make a pair but this is not completion because they don’t become “Ardhanareshwar”. Because they aren’t split halves, they aren’t true lovers. So if my readers believe me, and they are in unhappy adjustments, they must divorce and search for their split halves like me. Only when you find your split half you can become “Ardhanareshwar” and find completion.

Today more than before there is need for human beings to search for their other half and when all the relations in the world are fading. We all have to find our twin soul only than we can have happy union and live in bliss. Only than divorces can be stopped. In the ancient most civilization like India, where once the family and its prestige meant everything was the first foremost priority today western material values are predominant everywhere.

To find happiness and bliss in married life we must unravel the magical world and mysterious cryptic writings of Gods hidden in the mist of Himalayas in our very own India. Because in the ancient land of wise old Indus once again two divine lovers Radha and Krishna have arrived on earth to create the model of holy family. They have arrived to teach human true love because only true lovers live in happiness and bliss. To know about the hidden cryptic writings in the misty Himalayan Valley and to know how to find perfect happiness and bliss in married life read ”A PASSIONAATE GOSPEL OF TRUE LOVE” by Poonam Uppal. Read the popular Indian romantic novel for its revelation about the true love. The author has made lots of efforts to revel the secret of finding the right path to bliss and happiness.


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