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Body language - flirting online using body attraction


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Does pick up lines work? Of course, they work but they put you the category of ‘beta’ males. The biggest disadvantage of using pickup lines is you have to chase women. You have to give too much power to women. Well, there is an alternate way to approach and attract women without using pickup lines. The way is to use flirting body language when you are around women. What you say to a woman is not much important because women are so smart to understand your body language. So if your body language sends the correct messages to women, you won’t need to use pick up lines. That’s why flirting body language is so much important when it comes to dating with women.

If your body language convey that you are interested in a woman who is around you, she will become more comfortable to talk to you. Women also suffer from fear of rejection especially if they are average-looking women.

If you are flirting through your body language and someone gives you a positive response, then there will be rare chances of rejection. So it is important that you should give signals to women before communicating with them. You must show through your body language that you are a funny and single guy.

“I am Single and Interested In Dating With a Woman”

Dose your body language convey these?

As I already said that women are much aware of your body language, so your body language must convey that you are interested in women. Let me give an example. Suppose that you are in a party drinking too much on a table. You are alone on the table and the only thing you are doing is drinking. Do you think that your body language is conveying that you are interested in women? In this case, you are just depicting that you are not interested in women. You should avoid this type of posture.

Eye Contact Is Important –

If you catch any woman gazing at you, you should hold the eye contact for a little longer time. It conveys the message that you are also interested in meeting with her and she should not be afraid of you. Do not hold the eye contact for a too long time. It can make your appear needy.

Have A Friendly Smile –

Maintain an open demeanor while you are around with women. Always keep a friendly smile wherever you go. I call it the James Bond posture. If you want to learn flirting body language, then the best way would be to watch James Bond movies. When you watch the movies, take notes how James bond behave when he is around with hot and beautiful women. And learn from him. You can attract plenty of women without being a jerk. To do this, you must have the James Bond attitude and you must adopt the James Bond body language. read more on body language attraction also read internet marketing link building


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The Body Language of Sexual Attraction in Women
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