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Are There Answers to the Mystery of Love in Tarot Card Readings or Horary?


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Love must truly be one of life’s greatest mysteries. Every year I find more and more people coming into a reading or in search of their birth chart with questions about love, relationships and in particular, about where and when the questioner will find their soul mate. While I don’t specialize in soul mate readings, the tarot card readings and birth charts that I provide are capable of shedding some light on the subject of love.

There are soul mate readings that you might find. These readings look at horary astrology and the birth chart to find directions towards answers about relationships and marriage. Using both of these methods gives a more complete picture of the paths that may lead you to your happiness in love.

A lot of people ask about horary astrology and although I do not offer this type of reading myself, I can offer some insight into the process. Much like a natal chart, horary astrology is a process of using a star map, if you will, to find answers to specific questions. Horary charts are based on the time that a question is asked of the reader rather than on the person’s star and planet alignment at birth. This is a great alternative to a birth chart, should a person not know their exact date and time of birth, but are still looking for consults about their life path.

Horary astrology is dedicated to a single question. This question could be about love or it could be about a lost pet, but since this article is about the never ending quest for love, we’ll say that horary astrology does have a place in answering specific questions about a love or about the status of a relationship in general. When combined with a natal birth chart, horary can shed substantial light on your love questions.

There is some question to the validity of horary readings because the outcome can be so easily changed and it is important to understand that with any type of reading, whether a tarot card reading or horary astrological reading, they are not providing answers. The purpose of most readings of this nature is to shed light on a current path to help you make better decisions in the future. Outside of a natal birth chart which doesn’t change unless your date and time of birth change (how likely is that?), all other readings are given to facilitate; not to serve as directives.

When it comes to love, the greatest of examples of these come about very naturally for a reason as mysterious as love itself. If you feel the need to peek into the window of love and see when you may find a relationship that is going to last, you should consider getting your birth chart mapped and perhaps tying it with a tarot card reading from a true sensitive.

Working with a Sensitive for your readings will add value to your clarity. Today a lot of the birth chart and tarot readings available online are computer generated eliminating the deeper insight that a reading from a Sensitive can provide. When looking for love with the help of horary, tarot card readings or a birth chart, make sure to speak to a real person and if possible find a reader who is Sensitive to others feelings and experiences. And always remember that love lives in your heart so it is always the best place to start looking.

When you want to light your path for a good cause, visit for a tarot card reading or natal birth chart and help support no kill animal shelters.


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