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Saying I Love you, ? Does this make you sure the person speaking the words, I love you, Truly means It.

For some this Is a very hard sentence to say. To some It comes second nature, some use It as a get out clause for whatever they may have done wrong. “I only done It because I love you", Most will not say the words I love you, unless they are truly meant.

This generation are a lot more open with Love, previous generations It was a lot harder to utter, It wasn't something that was spoke, It was mostly spoken In private.

We can say I love you to our Children, siblings and friends, but our love for them Is unconditional.

Male and Females , Boyfriends, Girlfriends this type of relationship saying I love you Is a huge commitment, It changes things a lot . It takes on a whole new meaningful means your In love with that person and with this sentence there comes rules that should not be broken boundaries, and lines that shouldn't be crossed.

For many to admit or say I love you they truly mean It, but for some they say It because they know Its what you want to hear! Its a get out of trouble excuse and believe me most will have forgiven anyone who's said It. " I only done It because I love you".

Well If they truly meant It when they declared their love for you, they certainly wouldn't of done whatever they done now would they.

We all need to know someone loves us, hearing I love you makes you feel great we all need to hear It , but Its only a word unless you show It on the outside, respect, Is one way being equal In the relationship Is another, thinking of the others feelings Is another. Simply just speaking the words I love you Is not enough there's a whole lot more Involved with the meaning of It.

Anyone can utter I love you a million times over , but not everyone can show a person that they love you , Its took for granted that when you've said It that that should be enough you should be grateful for It you don't tell anyone else you Love them.

When you love someone you want to make that person happy you want to spend time making them feel good doing nice things and being thoughtful, you want their company, you don't see It as something you have got to do It comes natural. You know what things would hurt them If you did what was morally right or wrong, and anyone who crosses over just cant come out with these words for they just cannot Love them If they crossed the line.

Saying I love you and meaning It In your heart are two different things, anyone can say It but how many really mean It?


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Saying I loveYou
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