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Reasons For 101 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Or Just Random Questions to Ask a Guy


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Everyone has different personalities and beliefs. The trick is finding the person you can grow with and not be fighting every step of the way. If we don't ask questions we just assume that they feel the same way we do. That could be a huge mistake and lead to disaster in a relationship.

101 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Or Just Random Questions to Ask a Guy should include everything from wet towels to managing the check book, you should include questions such as sex, in-laws, having children, pets, cooking, food preferences, exercise and fitness, housecleaning, traveling, household economics, interior decorating, religion, and politics. You can create a list of questions formed around these topics and continue to expand it until your list is complete. This will also help you to identify the type of person you're looking for.

I have one son and 4 daughters. With boys a lot of times they tend to go with the flow and not get overwhelmed or excited. As my daughters get older and closer to finding a sole mate I tell them I can think of 101 questions to ask your boyfriend, as I feel it's important for them to know this person well. Also by them creating this list they become a lot more select as to the type of person they date. I am a guy and I know how we can be. My wife is a hard worker and takes great care of me and our children. I work and am running a business on the side. As tough as it is we couldn't make it work unless we where both on board. She gets overwhelmed sometimes and when I fail to notice she can come up with just random questions to ask a guy, this guy and I feel bad. I don't mean this as an oversight but I can get really focused in what I'm doing.

I have walked away from other opportunities because I knew the stress it was or soon would be creating on our relationship. I have dreams and goals for my family. I also know the difficult obstacles we have had to overcome. This is why 101 questions to ask your boyfriend or 1001 questions are not just random questions to ask a guy but indeed well thought out and designed to help in forming a relationship that fits both parties.

I truly love my wife with all my heart but know there are a few things we could have known about each other prior to our relationship. This is even more evident when we see our children forming relationships and we are full of concerns and questions. It's only natural to want to see your children succeed in life. I'm not saying their still won't be bumps down the road, but it can help in planning a future as well. This is why asking question is the most important part of getting to know each other.

I found this great book with 1,000 relationship questions in getting to know someone. If you would like to view it, just click the link below.


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