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How to Tell If the Guy You Love Really Loves You 6 Best Ways to Know!

Sarah Nichols

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Are you dying to know what's in the mind of the guy you love? Is your mind in the state of confusion? Does the guy you like, really loves you or not? Are you curious to know if he is interested or moving around with other girl or not interested at all? What should be your next step to get all the information about him? Are there any guidelines available that can surely help you out?

If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then following are some ways to know whether the person is having feelings for you or not. If the person really likes you then his feelings must be reflected by his behaviour, actions or expressions.

  1. Does his dressing style have changed? Check his way of dressing and presenting himself. Was he a carefree guy before meeting you? And gradually changed his attire and looks to impress you.
  2. Does he glance at you more often while working? When you are busy in your work, if he gives you quick look but immediately shift to something else if you make eye contact with him.
  3. Does he offer his hand of help whenever you entrap yourself in any sort of trouble? If he is always ready to help you-out with your tiniest problem to prove himself as the right person for you.
  4. Is he a very chatty person who used to converse and make fun with all other friends but when he talks with you, use very sophisticated language or communicate in a very conscious manner? Observe his actions and behavior with other girls or his friends. If he waits for you or always look for the moment to share a talk with you.
  5. Does his behavior remains indifferent with you and other people he meets? Notice whether he changes his attitude. If you find something different in his deeds then make a point that he is also having feelings for you.
  6. Does his disposition also changes according to your mood? Whenever you feel happy, he also looks cool? But as you feel down he also becomes upset or tries various ways to make you happy directly or indirectly? If he cares for you then he definitely would put all the efforts to make you happy.

The best way to know what he wants is to ask him directly. But if you feel ‘fear of rejection’ from his side then use some indirect ways to know the reality:

  • Go out with other friends or talk with them very nicely, if he feels jealous or irritated, then probability of liking you is very high.
  • In the beginning, if he feels shy in talking to you then converse with him in a very casual manner, later-on he becomes open to you and start sharing his feelings.
  • If he talks you the same way as other girls then his chances of liking you is nil. Also if he got the clue that you like him and if he starts ignoring you then that is also the indication of negative feelings or hesitation.

These are some tips to try-out for knowing that the person you really love. One last suggestion; “don't ever wait for things to happen by themselves, if you got the opportunity to show your feelings then don't merely waste it to regret in the future".

Finally, Would you love to have a man in your life who is fully committed to you, a man who treats you special, gives you comfort and security. . . and simply asks you how your day was?

Would you like to learn how to captivate a man with your sharp wits and your kind heart. . . and never have to worry about just being wanted for sex again?

If you answered, “YES" to any of these questions, I have some exciting news for you. . .

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