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Relationships The Waylaid Dragon

R L Goodman

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This is probably the one dragon you already know all too well because it is one of the most common, showing up repeatedly on almost everyone's path.

Like Sirens, you will have dragons of Loneliness or Horniness or Great Chemistryness, or whatever, softly singing for you to give up your Quest - doing all in their power to get you off course - so you once again settle for less.

Sometimes, when it's been too long since even a nice Happily Here & Now, it is hard not to fall prey to this dragon - just so you have some of what you seek.

Sometimes, when the loneliness or the craving for any kind of intimacy or even the jungle desire for raw sex becomes overpowering and you finally find even a glimmer of mutual chemistry with someone, the song of this dragon can seem almost impossible to resist - even when you know the path he is leading you on isn't going to be good enough for even a mediocre Happily Here & Now.

Sometimes, it will just be rip-roaring, overpowering, knock-your-socks-and-thigh-highs-off chemistry that smacks you up the side of the head and makes you forget about everything else in life - including your Quest. Sometimes, the chemistry is so strong, you will swear it really must be love at first sight and say to hell with any issue or logic that might want to get in the way.

Sometimes, you'll discover that what once was a true Happily Here & Now for you has also turned into a path to nowhere - when one or both of you discover the really hard parts of your Quest - when one or both of you realize that you are not going to accompany one another to your now-realized different Happily Ever After destinations.

Sometimes, maybe after a divorce or a breakup, you decide to hell with your Quest for a while and seek out the Waylaid Dragon on purpose because the last thing you want at that time is to be locked back into any kind of committed relationship - deciding instead to just play for a while and have fun. Deciding instead to be like a kid in a candy store with the goal of taste-testing everything that even looks delectable.

Of course, the problem with any of these reasons for choosing a dead-end path, with the Waylaid Dragon tagging along behind you, is that, by definition, you are not going to be on the path of Happily Here & Now that will ever lead you to Happily Ever After. So whatever time you spend on the detour will cause you at least an equal amount of lost time, and maybe more, in finding the Soulmate you seek.

Plus, you will never know what near-perfect Hero or Heroine you might have just missed because of that detour.

The best weapons against this dragon will be your Lists, so you at least know what you are giving up, or postponing, as a result of being waylaid. Other than that, good luck.

Just know that this is the kind of dragon that will probably most successfully waste the MOST of your time and keep you from your primary Quest.

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