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Love Instant Chemistry and Love at First Sight For Long Term Relationships

R L Goodman

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"I'm sorry but your Method makes no sense to me. I want chemistry first! Then, if that is there, I will take the time to do my lists. "

This is one of the most-often responses I get from those who visit my web pages - but who haven't yet taken the time to read the contents.

Mutual GREAT chemistry is fantastic and wonderful and, for me and most folks, is an absolutely critical part of any Happily Ever After! I personally wouldn't settle for a long-term relationship without it. Period. (Fortunately, my own Heroine and I share ongoing, incredible mutual chemistry - even after all our time together!)

However. . . .

Instant chemistry, and love at first sight, can also be two of the very worst things that can happen to you - things that can steal both your time and your Happily Ever After.

You already KNOW what chemistry is. And, most everyone who has felt it wants to make absolutely certain that they have the most chemistry possible. . . Ever After. . . . .in any long-term relationship. BUT, I hope I can show you why you do NOT want it first!

If we have instant chemistry and love at first sight, it is highly likely that none of the important things to you or the other person, besides the chemistry, will match well. Not having well-matched wish lists will make the entire relationship a veritable mine field that almost ensures an unhappy ending for one or both halves of you as a couple.

My guess is that you have had this experience more than once. How many times have you had the knock-the-socks and thigh-highs-off instant chemistry - only to find out AFTER you fell in love that there really wasn't a match on very key, non-negotiable issues? Remember how hard it was, after one of both hearts were involved, to break it off?

Doesn't it make sense, on virtually every level, to invest a couple of hours to fully define all of those necessary traits YOU really want? Without your fully defined lists, how will you know if that next instant attraction, or anyone else, is the Hero or Heroine that YOU seek?

And, yes, I agree - GREAT chemistry is very rare. However, it is just one of TEN filters that are part of the Process of finding someone where EVERYTHING matches. Hey, I didn't make up the Process - we got those from God and Nature! I have just tried to figure out the Process and a way of more effectively and efficiently working within the Process to help you find your Hero or Heroine.

No wonder everyone has such a hard time finding their Hero or Heroine. No wonder we all have a problem finding our own path to how we individually define our Happily Here & Now, let alone Ever After.

By the way, once you find someone where all of the filters match. . . both ways. . . . I personally hope you plan on going for every ounce of chemistry on every level possible!

Bonus: For more articles on this same topic and posts on love, relationships and finding your own perfect-for-you Hero or Heroine, I invite you to visit my blog. . . and ask your own questions. . .

Don't waste another sunset. Start sharing sunsets together now!

Just click now for instant access. . .

© 2008 - Robert Goodman. - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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Relationships The Three Hard Parts of Love and Relationships
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