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Signs He Is In Love - 5 Easy-To-Spot Signs That He Is In Love With You

Sarah Nichols

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Whoa! How times have changed. The era when only guys get to express themselves is history. Women now get their fair share - voicing out what and when they have to.

And that's a good thing but. . . it's not as easy as it is when it comes to love.

He's seems to be into you. He always smiles when he's around you. He loves sharing anything under the sun with you. And you're now falling in love with him! Telling him straight into face about your feelings could lead to a romantic long-term relationship. . . or a STINGING rejection.

Worry no more. I'll be laying down 5 easy-to-see signs that he is in love with you that would tell you if he also feels the same way eve before he speaks:

Signs He Is In Love No. 1: His other priorities are taking a backseat.

Did he skip a day at the gym or a night-out with his best buddies just to be with you? That's great news for you! Guys rarely push their appointments to the side just to be with a girl, and when they do. . . you know he's falling for you.

Signs He Is In Love No. 2: He communicates.

By that I mean he talks and listens - it's not a one-way traffic. He looks straight into your eye; listens closely to whatever you say; he's open and honest (a lot of men aren't).

When he communicates, that's because he cares.

Signs He Is In Love No. 3: He plans ahead and you're a part of it.

Men love talking about what they want to do next week. . . their plans next month. . . even for the YEARS to come. And if you're a part of his plans, and most especially if he asks you what are your thoughts about it, that's because you matter to him A LOT.

Signs He Is In Love No. 4: He's not noticing other women that much.

Men are visual creatures in general. And when they see even someone a gorgeous blonde, even at the corner of their eye, their eyes automatically rolls and sticks to her. If you're man doesn't seem to notice that blonde, probably he just didn't! And that's because he thinks no other woman is worthy of his attention but you.

Signs He Is In Love No. 5: This one is BIG: He introduces you to the family.

Why on earth would a guy set you, just YOU, for a dinner with his family and relatives? That's because he thinks these very important people to him deserve to know someone who's extremely important to him too. . . it's you.

Ok. So before you dive in and confess, keep your eyes wide open for the 5 signs he is in love with you.

And if they start popping up, one after the other, you're onto a winner!

Do you know that your love life can be a frustrating and disappointing experience when you haven't got a clue as to what causes things to happen? But dating, romance, and love can be wonderful experiences when you learn and grow into a woman who naturally deserves and attains the dreams that you desire.

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