Love: Myth and Reality


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Now, back to reality. This image of love is plastered in front of us all the time. We see it in everything from the shows on television to the big-screen blockbusters in the theatres. There is no denying that love can be beautiful in its first stage, but it never continues to be exactly what is started out being. When we say the word “love", we do not necessarily mean romantic love. Romantic love is shared between two people who have the relation that is based not only on mutual understanding but also on physical attraction. Physical attraction is a misleading element in love. Two people can look at each other and be very attracted to one another, and may be mistaken by accepting this feeling of pure lust for love. To most men, using the word love is an easy way to capture the emotions of a woman to send her into another world where everything appears to be revolving. This is not true of all men, but most. When a woman says the word “love" it has a different meaning to her. By her saying “I love you", she is basically binding her emotions onto this person for a period of time which will seem like forever. Women do not use the word love, unless they genuinely feel as if they do love the person. When a woman is in love, she is in a state of complete bliss and ecstasy. She is often willing to do everything to maintain this emotion and the one who excites it. A woman will completely devote herself to the relationship and to the man; she will be completely controlled by the emotion of love and will surrender to it. Love is a powerful emotion that can capture almost anyone’s life.

“Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love. " Virgil

Most of modern love does not end in the union we call marriage, but in feeling accompanied by anger and regret. Many relationships end on a bitter note, where the parties have no further contact with each other. Others end with friendships, where both parties have grown tired of each other but still share an interest in one another. The ones that do end in anger and hate feel great difficulty to get over the end. They often scar a person for a long period of time and make it difficult and often impossible to proceed into another relationship. And when they do proceed into yet another relationship, they are often forced to compare the new relationships with the old ones. This causes another reason for the destruction of the new relationship. Although many people tend to regret most relationships, there are some that continue to treasure the moments that they have spent but could not take back.

There are many reasons why so many of us are in search of that one special person. For some of us the reasons are not so obvious. There are those who were not loved and lacked attention while being children. They go through life compromising just to have that feeling for as long as they can. For others the motives are different. They may look for that one feeling that they had in their earlier years and try for all their life to find it. But whatever the motives may be, there is something that is certain about all people: no one can sustain a normal existence without love.

With all the work involved in love and all its consequences, why bother to have it at all? The answer to this question is simple. Because during the brief period that it does happen, it feels like the beginning of the world.

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