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Nobody likes having an argument but sometimes it’s hard to avoid because we are all entitled to have an opinion. So instead of trying to avoid the disagreement, it may be wiser to learn how to make the most of it.

You often feel emotional when disagree with someone. So it’s best to try to avoid talking when you’re feeling too emotional. You tend to say things you would later regret if you lash out in the heat of the moment. Go out or leave the room for a while to cool off and gain a better perspective before you talk.

When arguing, we tend to bring up previous mistakes and compare them with current situation. Try to stick to the issue at hand. Nobody wants to continually be reminded of their past wrong-doings.

Take turn relaying your points of view. Try not to interrupt when your partner is speaking or launch into a monologue. Let your opinions be heard and at the same time try to understand and respect your partner’s viewpoint. The goal of the argument is not to bend your partner to your thoughts or side of the story but to reach compromise. Share your ideas and try to find a solution to the problem together.

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How to deal with a relationship argument
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