Love is More than a Set of Written Rules


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Love is the key to survival of one’s soul. We all need love in one form or another. Without love our bodies are nothing more than a shell, we spiritually shrivel up, become mean, angry, hateful, and bitter towards humanity. Furthermore, there are the people who do not know how to love, do not allow it within, and still think they know what love is. Love is more than a desire or a lust for sex, the measurement of what a person can buy or do for us, or whether or not we can control or change a person to accommodate our self centered selfishness or desires.

Love is beyond conditions set by our experiences. Love is more than the limits set by our defenses that build a wall of protection from pain and hurt around us. Love is all encompassing, not the small perimeter we set within our minds. Love is endless, not finite. Love cannot be bought or sold as it is a given from the universe, with no conditions, no boundaries, and no limits. Love is a bright flame that illuminates the world, yet people douse the flame with fear, hate, insecurities and evil.

Love is can be a simple flowing emotion that enlightens, but people make it hard with preconceived ideals and past personal experiences, that hinder the fluidity. If we allowed love to be, as it is intended by the realms of the universe, our souls, mind and body would be free to enjoy and understand the beauty love creates.

The power of love heals. It soothes the soul, mind, and body. It is an aura of peace, calm, and happiness. Love is not living in a constant strife of allowing our insecurities and unrealistic expectations of another person living up to what we think they should be. When we allow the spiritual side of love to consume us, we feel euphoric. Our angels bestow upon us their love, but most people do not recognize the message of love from our angels, and disregard those messages as what they perceived as a passing thought. To feel true love is unforgettable, to experience spiritual love is life changing. All one needs to do is ask, and thou shall receive.

Patience within love can hold the heart to a higher understanding of ones inner self. It is a test of a persons resolve to keep the faith. When we have faith residing within our heart, we will follow a path of knowledge that leads to a greater understanding of why our life has progressed as it has.

One cannot allow their persistence of indifference to abide within the mind for that will also create the deterrence of insecurities. These insecurities have the basis of the fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and fear of losing control. When one allows fear in any emotional part of ones mind, body, and soul, their relationships with loved ones begins to deteriorate and leads to emotional suffering and pain. When we allow fear to blindside us, we may perceive it as love. It is then difficult to recognize how the fear destroys the love of others.

When a person is embodied with patience and peace and allows not the circumstantial fear of the world and others to invade their soul, their true love will come to them from the destiny they created for their current earth life incarnation. To bury the fear within the mind, to ignore the pain, to hide what needs expression, is not of the universal plan of ones being. Acknowledge that all is what it is and feel the flow of energy to understand the lessons one needs to know. A fork in the path of life is like the spring of life. All will be well with the trust of God, for he shall lead you to the right path of knowledge, love, trust, faith and happiness. As though the raven cried, nevermore, it as you say, my life is mine, never more shall evil deter my path of destiny.

Know love as the breath that gives life. As we think not when we breathe, so love is the same. The brain need not think when love is right and natural. We cannot seek out the perfection of love. We cannot create and control it. It is a true emotion that knows when we have met the right person. We need to listen to what our hearts say and not what our brain thinks.

Destiny and fate determines our love. It is never less than what our soul needs, it is always more than what the mind is accustom to. When people experience love at first sight is no accident. It is a love that has traveled with them throughout their many lifetimes. It is love that burns bright so our chosen soul mate or twin flame will see it so both souls can fulfill their chosen mission. This is why even though we have been with the same person before; we have a type of amnesia of how the relationship was in a previous lifetime.

It might hinder us from completing what we had chosen to do. Our soul is to flow to the current lifetime’s rhythm of our hearts that creates the possibilities of new experiences, or resolves the past karma that may have hindered us in discovering the truth of love. It is only as time progresses that the answer comes to us as to why we are with that person.

Spiritual love is beyond the earth’s boundaries. When we love our partner in this aura of love, we will not feel a need to hurt them. We live our lives in the power of forgiving all the transgressions they may intercede upon us. Since the spiritual love has been with us throughout our many lifetimes, it continues on teaching us more with each earth life.

We are to stand in our own power so others cannot take our power away. We are not to waste our energies dwelling upon the negativities that are around us, or what people place upon us. If we do then we are giving our power and spirituality to that negative source.

We all have a mission to accomplish, lessons to learn and karma to resolve. If the same negative events happen repeatedly in similar situations, then we must step back and assess why are we repeating and suffering through the same negative events. The universe will keep placing us in the same situations until we understand what behaviors, thoughts, and actions we are doing to perpetuate those negative situations. If we do not learn, then the situations will progressively become worse. We can decrease and change the level of negativity in our environment by evaluating ourselves. Our angels can help us with finding our strength, resolve, understanding, and a love of self in order to overcome and rise above the negativity and know why it had been the way it was.

The following are more inspirational and enlightening words from the angels.

“We must not allow ourselves to die a death of uncertainty. Our souls are a result of what we have learned and manifested. We are where we are to be at this point in earth time. It is as we speak the tongues of ages, a wisdom that bestows our being. Remember who you are and it is Gods love that matters and is important in the development of your soul. We are not to allow the negative perception of others, as they pass through our life, to affect us. Those negative souls tend not to conceive of a life outside their manifested box of isolation. It is like the boundaries of the druids, which keep them surrounded in uncertainty. What you are meant to see is the fields of life, of love and the freely given knowledge that keeps the mind aware of what we know as, the endless universal flow of energies.

“The blessings of the heavens are bestowed upon you. To which you value what you have, what you know, and how you utilize all that is within your grasp. Yet, many wander within their unproductive abyss. Not knowing that, it is more than it can be. But yet through their being, they have not yet found the key. ”

Laura L. Tolchinsky has been a professional photographer since 1990, also an artist & writer. She has written one self published book entitled The New Age Cat Family Album & in progress work called the Angel Cronicles. She is knowledgeable in the metaphysics & philosophy arena, photography and art.


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