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Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz - Telltale Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You


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If you're looking around for a ‘Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz', chances are you're hoping to get back together with your ex. You've been on a rollercoaster ride with your feelings, ranging from shock, despair, anger, confusion, sadness and a sense of loss. Now you're feeling hope, and are wondering whether you can turn this situation around and revive your relationship with your ex.

You may still feel that your ex still loves you. Try to be objective about this and make sure that this isn't wishful thinking. He or she may still love you, but you need to look for further signs to confirm this.

One question that a ‘Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz’ will ask you, is whether your ex still stays in contact by email, phone, or text. Or maybe they make excuses to see you. If they do, this is a telltale sign that they still love you. Because if they didn't, it would be easy for them to break off all contact. They still want to hear your voice, see you, find out what's going on in your life.

Another telltale sign is their immediate reaction when they see you. Watch very carefully for the very first split second they lay eyes on you. If you catch them looking thrilled to see you, they're still in love with you. You can also tell by the tone of their voice, if you're speaking to them over the phone. They may try to cover up these signs, but if you listen and watch carefully, you'll be able to detect them.

If you hear from friends that your ex is asking how you are, then that is a strong sign that he or she still has feelings of love for you. If the love was no longer there, then it would be easy to move on and not really care about how you are. But make sure that your friends don't bring you up in conversation first - let the ex be the person to initiate the subject.

As you can see, you don't actually need to go through a lengthy quiz to find out whether your ex still loves you. The above signs are an excellent start.

If you've reached the stage of looking for a Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz , you may have already indulged in ‘text message terrorism’ or ‘drunk dialing’. Don't worry, this is understandable. You may even be able to turn the situation around and get back together with your ex. Find out how by watching the free video at


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