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Dirty Talk Examples

Denise Bergeron

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So, you want to talk dirty, do you? The most important part of talking dirty is to become comfortable with it. The more comfortable we are in talking dirty to our partner the more intimate it becomes and with that your inhibitions will drop.

Dirty talk is like a secret with your partner, a secret that only the two of you know and that is a very powerful and intimate thing in itself. As you learn to talk dirty it opens a whole new world of possibilities. You and your partner will learn things about each other that once seemed impossible.

Dirty talking examples are easy to come up with if you put your mind to it. Below we touch on a few things that will help you in becoming more comfortable with dirty talk and help you bridge the gap between want and implementation.

Dirty Talk Example One: The tone of your voice goes a long way in talking dirty. Next time you are in bed and you and your partner are making love try saying something simple like “I love it when you touch me there" or “I love the way you feel against my skin. " These simple sayings can be said in bed as they do not come off as being dirty and are the first steps to getting comfortable.

Dirty Talk Example Two: If you haven't talked dirty to your partner surprising him with it might be a turn-off. Take small steps to find out where he stands by doing the following. Get a good naughty book and read it while watching TV or just before bed. When he notices what you are reading get up next to him and read a couple verses. If he likes it then read more, if not you know where he stands on talking dirty.

To Learn the Secrets of Talking Dirty and how to Improve Your Sex Life By 100% pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty right now. After you read through it head on over to The Dirty Talk Forums to practice your dirty talk on total strangers!


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How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend - Find Out Now
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