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How to Identify a Good Child Custody Lawyer

Lora Davis

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All attorneys are not born equal and, as a result, the person who qualifies to be called a good child custody attorney is someone who is resilient, strong willed, determined, confident in addition to being a compassionate person by nature. Child custody cases are included in family law together with annulments and divorce cases in addition to all things to do with paternity issues, child support, and wills; every issue relating to people who are related by blood or marriage is included in the family law. Child protection lawyers dealing with matters of child custody should be people that are able to convey what is in the best interest of the child even in cases where that best is not what you may have wanted to hear.

Listening: A competent child custody attorney should be a person who is patient enough to listen to the minutest detail and fact from the parent concerning a child, both parents and everything else that pertains to the child. Any determination made must always be for the best interest of the child.

Child support: A good custody attorney is one who is able to create a child support agreement so that each parent makes an equal contribution towards the care and support of the child. The lawyer will divide the amount required for support according to the particular parent’s financial ability as opposed to basing the amounts based on the sex of the parent.

Locality: As much as possible, your custody attorney should be a lawyer coming from the same county as you do but if that is not possible they should be from the neighboring county; you want to deal with child protection lawyers that are updated on the particular laws that pertain to the county you live in.

Confidence: You can only retain a lawyer who is confident; you can identify one when you are interviewing them. This is the only way to ensure they will be able to handle any difficult matters in child custody cases. You cannot expect a child custody lawyer who is not self-confident to represent you perfectly.

Experience: Look for a custody attorney who is highly experienced in this important area of family law that you are interested in. Find out how many similar cases that lawyer has handled; this experience gives them enough muscle and a number of winning strategies. Make sure therefore that you ask for a number of reviews, accolades and also their diplomas before you sign the dotted line to hire them.

Payments: Good custody attorneys or child protection lawyers is one who will allow you pay their fees in manageable installments instead of insisting that you remit the whole amount all at once. In most cases, you should be required to pay at least 10% of the agreed amount upfront and the remaining amount in equal monthly installments until you clear their fees; some even waive their fees until the case is over just in case the court asks the other party to pay all the costs.


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