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Disadvantages of a Do It Yourself Divorce

Lora Davis

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When some people realize that they have to go through a divorce, they become reluctant to incur legal fees associated with hiring divorce attorneys and, as such, the decide to try a do-it-yourself divorce. Ata time when there are manuals and videos on DIY for just about everything, you can easily get tempted to file divorce papers that are easily available online or otherwise try to the work that is otherwise done by a qualified divorce attorney. At the end of the day, you will realize that trying a do-it-yourself divorce wasn’t such a good idea at all.

The divorce process can be very emotionally involving and in such circumstances, the person who is a victim may not be able to use sound judgment when trying to make financial settlements or even custody arrangements because the emotions could easily cloud them during this tough process. Getting a professional such as a divorce attorney is wise because they are able to give you correct and impartial advice that will help you to avoid making the entire process too emotional. Without the required legal assistance, it may take you longer than necessary; imagining that you and your spouse could not get along during the marriage to the point of asking for a divorce, it will be a hard bargain you to try and come to any agreement on the terms of the pending divorce.

Sometimes, when people are tied down with long and thorny process of trying to dissolve a marriage that isn’t working, one may get easily tempted to come to a quick agreement just get done with it. The marriage dissolution process can easily wear you down and during this process, it is very easy to make a wrong decision that you could end up regretting later and which will be almost impossible to undo. On other occasions, some people will agree on an unfavorable terms simply because they don’t have a complete understanding of the legal implications. Without having the advice from a divorce attorney, it is possible for you to read the divorce terms suggested by your spouse that you may not fully understand but still go on to agree on them.

Divorce attorneys has the fiduciary duty to check out for your rights during the entire divorce process. If you attempt a DIY divorce there will be no one available to protect any of your legal rights and especially when you are not fully aware of your entitlements. You may also not be aware that divorce laws differ in every state especially in terms of what is acceptable as reasons for divorce. If you don’t really know what is required, you can easily have your divorce papers denied by the court, when you could have easily had a smooth sailing if you were assisted by a qualified divorce attorney.

About the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for Fort Worth based family law practice Schreier & Housewirth who are expert divorce attorneys. The law firm Schreier & Housewirth is owned and operated by Greg Housewirth and Holly J. Schreier both who are divorce attorneys by profession and have been helping the people of Fort Worth & Dallas with divorce cases for the last 25 years.


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