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Hiring an Orlando Family Attorney to Protect Your Assets


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Legal matters are difficult when you are going through disputes with a spouse over divorce, but having an Orlando family attorney on your side will help you protect your assets legally and easily. Not many couples can imagine losing their homes, possessions and their children, so hiring an attorney to help is the best way to avoid being treated unfairly during a divorce or custody battle.

The first thing you should do is to investigate all of your finances, as well as the ones belonging solely to your spouse. If you do not know everything about your spouse’s assets, then start asking or find them for yourself. Any type of financial document that you discover on your own can be evidence of property holdings or other income. Check into the bank accounts, life insurance policies, investment or retirement accounts and tax returns for any sign of additional assets that may fall into a joint benefit. You may be entitled to partial division or even equal division of the financial assets that your spouse holds. Your Orlando family attorney can help you decide what you are rightly able to claim. Before your consultation, gather all of these important documents or make copies to take and discuss with the attorney.

Unless there has been a prenuptial agreement drawn up before the marriage, you may be entitled to assets that have accumulated through a business that your spouse owns. Any income or money that happens to be considered business profit should be discovered in order to find out if it should be split. Sometimes, the tax returns shield the true profits of a company and the Orlando family attorney can advise you on ways to find the true bottom line. If you have an agreement that was signed before you got married, take it to the consultation for legal advice before you count business profits out of your fair share.

In your goal to protect your assets, you should also get tax advice from the attorney. Many tricks are known to experienced legal counsel that you may not have considered. Things like who will take the children on tax returns and which of the parents can take the child care tax credits. Day care expenses and temporary alimony are other areas where the attorney can give tax advice. If you pay for child care so that you can work, you will need to discuss these tax areas with the family attorney.

Even if you and your spouse have been able to come to an agreement on marital issues and property division, it is still advised to consult an attorney to represent your interests. There are many family laws in Florida of which you may not be aware. Legal advice can save some of your assets that you may not even know that you are entitled to, so finding a good lawyer is important. After all, the time to discover your rights is before you lose them in the court system and not after the papers have been filed. It should not offend your spouse to hire someone that represents both parties; however, protecting your assets will require you to get your own.

An experienced family attorney can help with multiple issues from giving financial planning advice to filing legal separation or divorce papers on your behalf. It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with an experienced family attorney before you try going into court alone. Your spouse will have an attorney and so should you. If you come unprepared, you may end up losing assets that you could have held. Check into all of your legal options with an Orlando family attorney and go into the next phase of your life with confidence that you are fully prepared.


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