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Women Getting Over A Marriage Break Up - How You Can Move On

Suzy Weiss

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Women getting over a marriage break up is never easy. Maybe once in your life you thought you have found the right person to grow old with. You marry each other, and you live a good life together for a few months or years. Then unexpected things will happen. You try counseling to make things work. Yet you still can't fix the issues within the marriage. The only solution you could think about is parting ways.

Divorce can cause the parties involved a lot of pain and heartache. However, you have to remember that not all marriages are bound to be “happily ever after". There are instances wherein you need to call it quits and end the marriage. This is especially true if it's not working out the way you wanted to. Sometimes, trying to make the relationship work can have a negative effect. If you've recently gotten divorced, here are some tips that can help you move on.

1. You need to admit to yourself that you are also responsible to why the marriage failed. It involves two people to make a relationship work. So, you can't blame everything on your ex husband. He may have something to do with the failed marriage. But you should also take some credit. Then again, you should not solely hold yourself responsible either.

2. Cry your heart out. Keeping all your anger, heartache and other emotions bottled up will do you no good. You need to let them loose. If you feel the need to cry, then do so. Don't ever think that you should not cry over your ex-husband. Crying may not solve anything, however, it can make you feel better. This is an excellent tip in Women getting over a marriage break up.

3. Accept the reality that the marriage is over. If you want to get over a divorce, you need to tell yourself that it is all over. And that there is nothing that you could've done to save it. Focus on things that can help you recover now that your marriage has come to an end.

4. Spend more time with yourself and your family. You need a support system. In times of difficulty, they are the ones who you could turn to. Find solace in their comfort. Appreciate their sympathy. Also, get to know yourself more. During the marriage you have already put in your 100% effort. It's high time that you think about loving yourself more.

5. Talk about it with your friends. You need people that care to listen to you. Pour out those emotions. Sharing how you feel especially to your most trusted friends could make things easier to deal with. After the long sessions of just talking, go out with them. Hang out and enjoy your new life as a single woman again.

6. Start doing the things that you weren't able to do when you were married. Keep yourself busy. Make a list of new things that you want to learn. Enjoy your hobbies again. Meet new friends. Travel around the country or around the world. Live the life that you have always wanted.

7. Don't lose hope that you won't find love again. One failed marriage is not the end of the world. Women getting over a marriage break up may take you some time before you can fully recover. But after you have moved on, you can start going out on dates again. Just believe that you can still meet Mr. Right.

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Breaking Up Advice For Women - Ways On How To Move On
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